Sunday, October 31, 2010

Did You Leave Your Keys in San Francisco? Well here are 5 Key Holders to Help the Next Time

This lot of all 5 clear hard plastic San Francisco
key ring holders came from a Maryland estate.
Not new and not used. Same pic on both sides.
Looking for a new owner to enjoy!
They range in length from end to end from about
2 1/3 inches to about 4 inches (the 3 longer ones)

Check them out here:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Looking for a Knife to Cut Your Moonpie?

A day of downsizing ends with this knife that is not for
 you if you are looking for a knife to fillet a tarpon or
shark...nope not this one ...but this is cool for other cutting a moonpie into tiny pie shaped stretch out the 150 calories a little longer!.
Or if you are in the Baltimore Black Bag Brigade
it will fit perfectly in your purse.This nice folding
1 blade knife came from a Maryland estate. Only
marking is USA where blade joins rest of knife.
Length of each part of the knife can be seen in
the pics with the ruler. Used. Don't have any
history or age. Came with the little box.
Notice the key chain on knife. The bone colored
plastic? has wear/skuff marks from light use.
The inside of the box has light wear.
Small and handy in my opinion.
Looking for a new owner to enjoy!
If you would like to buy it check it out here:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Branson Missouri Shoji Tabuchi Theater October 2010

A break from downsizing. An important part of downsizing!
Don't let it consume your "present" time. CSI had a show
this week on Hoarders and the head star was quoting
Fromm on "stuff" some societies keep. Very interesting
So anyway. Cool nights here. Ahhhh!

Duffys of Baltimore

What blew me away listing this item was that
I had it in my estate stuff.
I do not remember ever seeing it before.
But Downsizers, it instantly took me back
in times to the Old Duffy's Restaurant on
Frederick Avenue in the Irvington part of
 Baltimore in days gone by. I can remember
walking with my mother down Old Frederick
Road to the shortcut dirt path we called
Schoolhouse Lane over to Frederick Avenue
near the Memorial Methodist Church,
Dr. Johnson's office, and the #8 Streetcar.
Ahh the smells and sounds coming out of
Duffy's as we walked into the friendly
warm restaurant part on the right side of the
building. It was fun seeing our friend
the waitress Mrs. Sachs. Crabs of all
sorts and other tasty items. But alas
the Old Duffy's is gone...yes there is a
new Duffy's but the old one can only be
rerun in our memories. What I wouldn't
give to be able to go back into time and
see all these old memories with the me of
today! Anyway if any of you have
Duffy memories please add them here
for us to enjoy! I was not able to find
any even on google! My mother used
to like their chicken livers when she took
her granddaughters there one daughter
just told me. Cousin Bill just emailed his
memory " That wonderful seafood odor
going past their place." So true! It drove
you crazy just driving by! Now I don't
know if this card actually came from
Our Old Duffy's because there is no address
but it came out of one of my Maryland estates
and you know what ...nice creed!
It actually is a little lighter beige/tan than
I can get on the scanner. Edgewear as
shown on the pic. A piece of Baltimore
that is gone. There might be a new Duffy's
but it cannot capture the old one. I cannot
prove this card came from there but this
estate was 5 minutes from Duffys.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Waiting for the Show to begin!

Safe trip! Perfect weather! Good food!

Waiting for Shoji to start!

Nothing like a vacation away from


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shoji Tabuchi Still the Best of Branson Missouri!

Back there last week after many years to celebrate
a special time. Of course we had to go back
and see Shoji. He's still the warm friendly very talented
entertainer with the outstanding young people,
costumes and theater!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ever heard of A & J Septic Cleaners in Monkton Maryland?

This vintage A & J Septic Cleaners Septic Tanks,
Dry Wells and Cesspools Pumped plastic thermeter
came from a Maryland estate. It has at the bottom:
Phone: Baltimore 646-4267 and Monkton 692-6565.
Notice no area code. Temp seems to be working
as it is showing the temp we have our house set at.
I included a pic of the back and the cardboard
cover that slides over it. I googled it and found
a business with that name still listed online.
Cool! Looking for a new owner to enjoy!
 Check it out at

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Coming or Going?

Here Downsizers is an example of a pic I can't remember when I took it or where: either in Maryland or Virginia. But I love it! Reminds me of life! Darkness: the unknown. The light: God showing the way as needed. Taken sometime between the 70s through the 90s. But for me  it definitely is a keeper.

So, Downsizers, as you decide which pics are your keepers, create albums on your online storage. For example this pic starts my  "My Best Snow Shots" Album. Then don't forget to label your paper pics that you are going to keep and make paper folders with names  that match your online albums names....or make folders as to  who you want to have  your various pics when you are ready to give them away.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Bucky & Her Buddy

  She is sooooo cute here! Look her nose is still black.
She hadn't yet rubbed the color off the nose sniffing everything!
She loved her mama so much then and still does!
Look at her eyes...her love was there even way back then.
She is one of those special pets that comes through your life
and makes your heart melt just looking at her!
Looking forward to the next visit with our Granddog Bucky!
She had been the head lady in that household until the boys arrived
and she gracefully (well most of the time) relinquished her throne
to them and accepted her new fate as
Welcomer home to Mama and Dada and Boys
and their guardian against all the passerby dogs and unknown sounds! 
She and her Grandmama (me) a lot in common ..great pics when we were young...and lover of good food!:)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meet the kid who I bet makes a million in his lifetime!

Got up one retired morning a couple of weeks ago and we found this
 duct taped to our front door. It is a 8 inches by about 11 inches piece
of white paper. Check out all the coloring!!!!
I think this is the coolest business card I have ever received!
It is handmade, colored with crayon, NOT COPIED!
Look at the specifics in this...times..prices...details in animals...
the extras...and we don't even  have a dog! But if you live in Florida on
our street let me know and I will give you the name and address I have
covered! This goes in the top 10 of creative and hard working
ideas of kids' projects that have passed through my hands since
 I started teaching!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Couple ... What to Do with this kind of special pic???

Here is a pic I took on a trip to Skyline Drive Virginia with our friends in the 80s or 90s. I love it! So what to do with these favorite kinds of shots when downsizing. As you go through your tubs and tubs of pics you will hit pics that sound off alarms to not give away or toss like this one for me. So scan it and have it saved and make a backup. With my ACDSee software I bought their additional online storage that you can make public or keep private. Decide what the names of each of the albums you make as  you go along. Like this one pic  didn't really fit into individual family member albums or special consider having albums called My Best ....fill in the blank...Shots. For me I filled in the word "People" for this pic.
Also consider card making and make a special card for someone and use this type of pic on the front. You can also make copies and different sizes of the same pic after you scan it and put them into frames as gifts.
At any rate downsizers GET THEM OUT OF THE TUBS and use them and enjoy them or pass them on before they deteriorate! Remember the generations before us didn't have a lot of pics to pass on to us and the generation after us has so many they really are not that interested in unlabled pics from us in most cases.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Remember Casper the Friendly Ghost?

Downsizers, remember this guy? I remember
 when I was a kid going to my mother's friend's
 house who had piles higher than me of comic
 books! It was as cool seeing that many comics
 as getting a new item from Amazon is for me
 today! Oh and I remember trading comics and
 stretching out with the new ones on a
comfortable spot on the floor near everyone
 but far enough away their sounds didn't
bother me reading the comic book.
I can remember feeling like I walked right
into the world of Casper or the other comic
The colors and even the smell of comic books
was neat!
Anyway it is bye bye Casper the Friendly Ghost
when we can find him a new home! Check out
the details of this comic book at my newest store location:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Are Best Friends Always Forever Friends?

Good question! Different answers from different people. Some are. Some aren't.

Here we are as far back as I can remember best friends! Played together. Went to school together. Me on the left and Helen on the right. With both our last names beginning with W we even got to sit together because they seated you alphabetically back then! Then came colleges and marriages and kids and miles and then no contact. Me always waiting to loose weight to contact her and her? Don't know. So I guess we downsize friends in this busy world without even knowing it. So sad.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Paper Pics Downsizer Course 101 Class 3 OK So now what?

 Ok so now what? I have a picture to keep. I have written on the label and have the label on the back of the picture.

At this point you need to make a list OF EVERYONE that you will consider giving the originals paper pics to:
Children, friends, children of friends, other relatives are examples.
Use old clean shoeboxes or tubs from Walmart or somewhere you find good prices. Label each with possible people to get your pics as you decide. And put them in a location where you don't have to move them every time or you won't get the job done.

Our family is shrinking so much! It comes down to :
A box for each child and their children.
A box for each cousin and their children.
If later you need friend boxes  you can add them.
Remember these are only the "keep" pics, not the donate or sell or give away pics.

I sell online a lot and have ordered safe keeping bags for items that sell so I  use them to put each pic in also. Fetpak online has been good for me for years.

So here is my pic in its bag heading for one of my boxes that you have to make  yourself decide. Don't put off that part! That is the hardest part. A friend just emailed me and asked if I am keeping any. The answer is no. I have them all online remember. They need to move on to the next generation but not in bits and pieces. Just keep putting them in the box of your choice til the end of your pictures.
If you change your mind go ahead!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

After We Decide Which Pics to Keep, What Do we do with the photos we decide to keep?

Downsizer's  Downsize Course 101 Paper Pictures/Photos Class 2
After we decide which pics to keep, what do we do with the photos we decide to keep?

You know, we, the current group of downsizers,  are wedged between two age groups ..the older with few photos...mostly not labeled of who, when or where ( and sadly with no family members who can remember who is in the pics or where they are or when) and the younger age group who take so many pics on their digitals they don't even get them printed and just use them online and are not looking forward or even planning  to go through tubs and tubs of pieces of their lives on paper prints! In a lot of cases they simply do not have the time.

So what to do? After you make a decision to keep a photo it is important to label it. Nothing has made me sadder in the past 12 years than to see unlabeled pics at auctions from families who don't want them and just sell them to get rid of them. But who can blame them. Unlabeled and  untimed make them less valuable or valued!

Listen downsizers, these pics are our grand finales!!!! They ARE valuable! But get them ready if they are in your keep pile! Do not be lazy at this stage of life! I  found these labels when I first started selling antiques and fleas in stores and then online. They are nice because they are removable but sturdy enough to stay. Small enough to fit. Use a pen that won't run if it gets wet. Putting the year, the place, the name of the person at the time of the pic & your comments/reactions. Don't write on the pic in such a way it shows/comes through in the pic. That is important for future generations to be able to scan, copy and enjoy them.

So when the label is on the back of the photo what is the next step? Check back later to see what comes next in this blog of taking  back your life and time while downsizing paper pics/photos  

Monday, August 30, 2010

Downsizer's First Downsize Course 101 Paper Pictures/Photos Class 1

Keep or shred????

That's the first question in taking back your time and life!

In the past you probably pulled your albums /pictures  out...took a look at a couple of them...enjoyed the emotions of looking back in time...and then you tried to figure out what to do with them and got a head ache...and/or a knot in the stomach..and dumped them back in their boxes or tubs you got them out of to start with.

You probably thought : At least I can organize them but  to make matters worse most of them were probably not labeled. So back in their tub they went to do another time. And there they sit getting older, dustier, possibly mustier or moldier, while more of those who knew who were in the pics have moved on to the great beyond!

But go ahead pull ONE photo out and take these steps in this order:

1. First just answer the question : keep or shred?
How do you do that?

Answer these questions:
a. Do you want to keep it?
b. If no, do you have a relative or friend who would want it?
c. If you answered no to the above questions, do you want to try and make some money and try to sell it online and at the same time find someone who would want it?
d. If no to a, b and c do you want to bag up the "no" pics and try and sell the pack in a  y ard sale?
e. If your answers to a-d were no, do you want to donate it to a charity group?
f. If you answer to all of the above is no, get up walk over to your shredder and shred it or tear it up and throw it away. Remember: You are not going to die if you get rid of pictures you no longer want.

Before you do the above, find some old shoe boxes and label them:
1. Keep
2. Give away
3. Try to sell
4. Donate

I had to face the fact that NO ONE wants my tubs and tubs of pics as they are. There are too many. They are not labled. Lots of dups, fuzzies and just plain boring. So I had to come to grips with doing the above steps first.

Don't try and do it all at once. It won't work.  Your brain becomes emotionally frozen! Have fun. Take breaks. Designate a spot in your house where you can go and come back to it any time. Where the pics won't be disturbed by others.


So Downsize Course 101 Paper Pictures/Photos Class 2 will explain answer a yes: What to do if you want to keep it. . Til then Happy Sorting!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sunset in Tampa Tonight! Thank You God for Eyes!

Finally Something Older than Me! Parson's Indian Trading Post & Museum

Bye Bye Postcard of Parson's Indian Trading Post & Museum. Never been there yet but the Dells are on our bucket list. Established in 1930. Looks neat. Check it out here:

If you would like to make an Ebay bid on a postcard of this trading post & museum click here:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hey All You Downsized Teachers: Funny or a Jerk?

Teacher Quits After Facebook Posts Diss Parents, KidsUpdated: 2 hours 24 minutes ago

Print Text Size Hugh Collins


AOL News (Aug. 19) -- Call it an online education.

A teacher in a Massachusetts high school resigned after she posted Facebook comments describing the local parents as "arrogant and snobby" and referred to children as "germ bags."

Some of the postings were at least six months old, but it took only one day for enraged parents and educators to force June Talvitie-Siple to quit her $92,636-a-year job as supervisor of the math and science program at Cohasset High School.

Who is Making Money on these empty houses/short sales/foreclosures My politcal/financial downsizing plan.

Ever wonder who is making money on all these shortsales and foreclosures? Check out this utube just sent to us by a friend:

We wondered why houses we looked at down here in Floriday are still empty two years later????

Time to downsize the opportunity for elected politicians/ bankers' greed to make money on the little guys' stupid moves.

Here's the plan:
Vote everyone out who is in (Except Charlie Crist who I love : a teacher supporter and a guy not afraid to make unpopular decisions)
Don't keep anyone in longer than one term. That'l do it! Worth a try!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Remember BaltImore Heat Before AC? What did YOU do?

 Whew! Nothing worse than humid  Baltimore heat before AC. I remember getting dressed to go to my summer job at St. Agnes Hospital (when everyone wore white outfits) being totally soaked before I even left the house!

I remember the ol stories about that was how Catonsville got settled. City people buying houses out there that were cooler!

Well in 1944 here is what my cuz,the Champ,  and her family and friends did! Remember Betterton MD? What do you remember was there when you went to have fun and be cooler? Took my Missouri husband there about 12 years ago and found where it USED to be and the memory of my high school's cruise over to there from the downtown harbor on the Betterton Ferry popped back in my mind! Only in our minds and pics now but maybe some day someone will revive it with happy times instead of many condos!

Bye Bye Lipton's Meat Loaf

MMMM. Meat loaf for the soul of the weary and worried! This really worked back in the 60's when I would come home from teaching and needed something in an hour AND it would last for two nights! Lipton Dehydrated Onion Soup Mix was on the "cutting edge" of spicing things up back then! And you know what? I still like it to "spice things up"! One thing I have noticed in dealing with recipes from back then is I have to adjust the bread to the yucky breads of today filled with preservatives and additives. It usually takes more or better still use a substitute for the bread. Oh! and don't forget to watch the size of your eggs.

Well any meat loaf lovers or haters out there? Feel free to comment and give suggestions as to what makes yours special.

This one goes bye bye, but I have added it to my new cookbook I am creating of all past favorite recipes from my family in my Living Cookbook electronic recipe organizer.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Downsizer's Dilemma! What to Do with All the Family Recipes????

THIS HAS BEEN DRIVING ME CRAZY FOR YEARS! TRIED TO MAKE MY OWN .... USING DATABASES AND SPREADSHEETS ...TOO MUCH TIME WASTED AND NOT ENOUGH PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE to pull it off to pull up what I want quickly and clearly. 68 years and 4 generations of recipes arrgghh.Bought a notebook recipe organizer but not big enough and not fast enough.  So then I thought I will search online and  I  found what I thought was the ultimate online organizer. Slick presentation online! Expensive but I took the plunge and ordered it and some of their softwear. And then the UNEXPECTED crashed! It took several days to get a response and several phonecalls. And it crashed/locked again!!! But that day their phone lady was off so several more days passed again. That was it! The end! Demanded my money back and several days later after calls, faxes and emails I was refunded the amount. Always nice, professional but the product didn't work on my sorta new 64 bit cool computer. IF I HAD GONE TO AMAZON and read the good and bad reviews of this product I would have saved myself lots of time and stress!!
And if you use the Amazon reviews you know you can pick up what others think works better than what you are considering buying. That happened . I downloaded the trial of the one others liked  ..  I love it!!!... less can make your own cookbooks, it works with my computer, pictures are easy to add, tips, comments, procedures etc places on each recipe you can add! No phone service but so far online communication works well! 1/3 the price of the glitzy one that I purchased  that presented well online but crashed and locked.
So if you feel you are drowning in index cards and cookbooks and newspaper clippings make the  your own cookbooks...create your own chapers and insert the recipes you want to not downsize!  Oh Yes! Oh Yes! It is scary getting rid of the original recipes! But liberating also! So where I confess I am still in the Baltimore Black Bag Brigade because I cannot shake black bags I have released myself from  the Recipe Pile Platoon that never gets to use their recipes because there are too many and there is too little time to find what you want. Now .. it's click here and click there and pull it up and print out what you what in the size you want. Freedom!
Click here if you want to see the good recipe organizer we are enjoying:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bye Bye Old Matt''s Cabin Shepherd of the Hills Branson Missouri!

Picture this! Cool Fall night. Dark. Moon above you. Sitting and watching people and animals reinact what took place in the book Shepherd of the Hills written by Harold Bell Wright who was inspired to write it in this very cabin which sits near the area of the play. You can go through the cabin that is nearby during tours in the day, enjoy a meal nearby and then get the ride down to the theater. All our trips to Branson include going to this area and seeing the play everytime! We love it! When you leave Nashville,  turn out the lights and head west to Branson and don't miss this area which is explained nicely here:  It even links you to the book to read!

This postcard is for sale at our store:

Bye Bye Baseballer Bret Barberie!

Well here we are back to the DOWNSIZING WORLD after a wonderful week with our grandkids!!! The world through the eyes of two 7 year olds is so much fun and so invigorating!

But back to the downsizing!...So many things to move on and so little time! OTHER STUFF season is coming on down here in sunny Floriday! First on the bye bye list are these 5 baseball cards of Bret Barberie. He played for the Orioles in 95.On April 5, 1993 he recorded the first hit in Florida Marlin history. Played at 2nd base, 3rd base and shortstop during the major league part of his life. Wonder what he is doing now?

If you are interested in bidding on this lot of Brett Barberie baseball cards click here on my Ebay Auction listing;

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bye Bye Beautiful Old Beads Necklace

OOOHHH downsizers! This is so hard to say bye bye but gotta find a spot where it will make another person happy!  If you are interested in going out on the town or want to wear it to church or work feel free to check it out and make a bid on it on my Ebay auction by clicking here:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bye Bye Clear Lake Iowa! Ever been there?

I haven't yet. But it looks beautiful on the card!

Wonder what it looks like at this very moment? Click here:

Downsizing this postcard on Ebay right now also. Click here if you would like to place a bid on this "cooling" postcard where the back of it says : "This is where the action is!!"

Bye Bye Baseballer Floyd Bannister!

Bye bye 2 baseball cards of Floyd Bannister. Pitcher. 1987 and 1990. Wonder what he is doing now? Check here: Busy guy!
If you would like to bid on Ebay on these two cards I am downsizing click here:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Want to Have These Three Lovelies??? Bye Bye Beauties!

Today my downsizing has moved into the glitsy and glamorous department of our dowsizer memories. Bye Bye Beauties! How can a person part with these you might ask? Simple! Nothing looks better than seeing a well loved item worn by  someone else with a smile on their face and nothing looks worse than seeing a beloved item sitting in a drawer for years! Rebirth is exciting! These 3 pretty necklaces came from a Maryland estate. The 3 chain goldtone necklace has no markings. Each chain is a little longer thus creating the beautiful hanging necklace. The shortest necklace chain is about 14 1/2 inches from end to end . The second piece is a very pretty 3 wrapped strands of seed pearltype beads (I don't know if they are real or not) and goldtone beads. No opening. 32 inches around. A nice classic design. This third piece is a silvertone chain necklace. It has a number too small to read at the clasp area. Made in Korea tag on it. Has darkening in it  and needs cleaning by someone who knows what they are doing. A nice classic design. Don't know their ages or if they were used. These three pieces are looking for a new owner to enjoy! I only list items that I would feel satisfied buying. But if it arrives and you are not satisfied, feel free to email me within 7 days of receiving it and get your money back.Payment is expected within 7 days of end of sale. Questions are welcomed before sale closing.Customer satisfaction is VERY important to us. Please let us know if something is wrong with the item when it arrives. If you would like to bid on these on Ebay, click here:

Bye Bye Baseball Boy Scott Bankhead!

Bye Bye Baseball Boys! I am downsizing and thus selling thousands of cards from my sportcards collections here online during the coming months. I will be selling them individually and/or in lots until they are all gone. I am only listing each card or lot once on Ebay so bid if you want it!
Their ages vary. I will be listing a lot of cards that I originally bought at auctions and yard sales from the late 70's through the early 2000s.

Scott Bankhead Pitcher

Lot of 7 Baseball Cards.
1 Topps 1987 #508
1 Donruss 1989 #463
1 Fleer 1990 #505
1 Fleer 1991 #442
1 Upper Deck 1991 #294
1 Donruss 1992 #304
1 Fleer Ultra 1992 # 478
1 Upper Deck 1993 #760

What is Scott doing now?
According to the internet he started the North Carolina Baseball Academy! Greensboro, NC. Way to go Scott! Check it out!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Do You Do With Your Life After Your Major League Years Are Over? Check here on Chris Bando

What would you do with  your life after your major league baseball years? End up broke? Rich? On drugs? Divorced? Depressed? Not this guy! Check him here:
Wow! Way to go! Bye Bye Baseball Boy! If you are interested in bidding on his baseball card on Ebay click here:

Friday, July 23, 2010

George Bamberger The Staten Island Sinker Bye Bye Baseball Boy!

 George Bamberger Oriole Pitcher 1959. Oriole's Earl Weaver's pitching coach from 1968-77. Produced 18 times  20 game winners. Created the famed Staten Island Sinker pitch. As stated in     He flourished, however, as pitching coach of the Orioles from 1968 to 1977, his pitchers winning at least 20 games in a season 18 times. Jim Palmer won the American League Cy Young award three times under Bamberger and Mike Cuellar was a co-winner in 1969. Palmer, Cuellar, Pat Dobson and Dave McNally were each 20-game winners for Bamberger in 1971, when the Orioles won a third straight pennant. Richard Goldstein in  "He was the best pitching coach I ever saw,'' Frank Cashen, the former general manager of the Orioles and the Mets, said in a telephone interview yesterday. He recalled that Bamberger gave his pitchers plenty of work. ''He believed in a four-man rotation,'' Cashen said. ''His theory was, the arm was a muscle, and the more you used it, the better off you were, as long as you didn't abuse it.'' Cashen remembered that Orioles Manager Earl Weaver ''was very flamboyant and not afraid to take pitchers to task vocally,'' but that ''George was very quiet; he was their friend.'' In 1979, Bamberger told Dave Anderson of The New York Times: ''My whole idea is to throw the ball over the plate. The most important pitch is a strike. But the trick is to change speeds. Trying to pinpoint a pitch is crazy. Throw the ball down the middle, but don't throw the same pitch twice. Change the speed.''  Soooo he pitched and passed it on in effort, ability and character. He gets his spot in my "HALL OF FAME HEROES LINKED TO BALTIMORE"! So if you are interested in bidding on the baseball card click here: