Monday, July 26, 2010

Want to Have These Three Lovelies??? Bye Bye Beauties!

Today my downsizing has moved into the glitsy and glamorous department of our dowsizer memories. Bye Bye Beauties! How can a person part with these you might ask? Simple! Nothing looks better than seeing a well loved item worn by  someone else with a smile on their face and nothing looks worse than seeing a beloved item sitting in a drawer for years! Rebirth is exciting! These 3 pretty necklaces came from a Maryland estate. The 3 chain goldtone necklace has no markings. Each chain is a little longer thus creating the beautiful hanging necklace. The shortest necklace chain is about 14 1/2 inches from end to end . The second piece is a very pretty 3 wrapped strands of seed pearltype beads (I don't know if they are real or not) and goldtone beads. No opening. 32 inches around. A nice classic design. This third piece is a silvertone chain necklace. It has a number too small to read at the clasp area. Made in Korea tag on it. Has darkening in it  and needs cleaning by someone who knows what they are doing. A nice classic design. Don't know their ages or if they were used. These three pieces are looking for a new owner to enjoy! I only list items that I would feel satisfied buying. But if it arrives and you are not satisfied, feel free to email me within 7 days of receiving it and get your money back.Payment is expected within 7 days of end of sale. Questions are welcomed before sale closing.Customer satisfaction is VERY important to us. Please let us know if something is wrong with the item when it arrives. If you would like to bid on these on Ebay, click here:

Bye Bye Baseball Boy Scott Bankhead!

Bye Bye Baseball Boys! I am downsizing and thus selling thousands of cards from my sportcards collections here online during the coming months. I will be selling them individually and/or in lots until they are all gone. I am only listing each card or lot once on Ebay so bid if you want it!
Their ages vary. I will be listing a lot of cards that I originally bought at auctions and yard sales from the late 70's through the early 2000s.

Scott Bankhead Pitcher

Lot of 7 Baseball Cards.
1 Topps 1987 #508
1 Donruss 1989 #463
1 Fleer 1990 #505
1 Fleer 1991 #442
1 Upper Deck 1991 #294
1 Donruss 1992 #304
1 Fleer Ultra 1992 # 478
1 Upper Deck 1993 #760

What is Scott doing now?
According to the internet he started the North Carolina Baseball Academy! Greensboro, NC. Way to go Scott! Check it out!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Do You Do With Your Life After Your Major League Years Are Over? Check here on Chris Bando

What would you do with  your life after your major league baseball years? End up broke? Rich? On drugs? Divorced? Depressed? Not this guy! Check him here:
Wow! Way to go! Bye Bye Baseball Boy! If you are interested in bidding on his baseball card on Ebay click here:

Friday, July 23, 2010

George Bamberger The Staten Island Sinker Bye Bye Baseball Boy!

 George Bamberger Oriole Pitcher 1959. Oriole's Earl Weaver's pitching coach from 1968-77. Produced 18 times  20 game winners. Created the famed Staten Island Sinker pitch. As stated in     He flourished, however, as pitching coach of the Orioles from 1968 to 1977, his pitchers winning at least 20 games in a season 18 times. Jim Palmer won the American League Cy Young award three times under Bamberger and Mike Cuellar was a co-winner in 1969. Palmer, Cuellar, Pat Dobson and Dave McNally were each 20-game winners for Bamberger in 1971, when the Orioles won a third straight pennant. Richard Goldstein in  "He was the best pitching coach I ever saw,'' Frank Cashen, the former general manager of the Orioles and the Mets, said in a telephone interview yesterday. He recalled that Bamberger gave his pitchers plenty of work. ''He believed in a four-man rotation,'' Cashen said. ''His theory was, the arm was a muscle, and the more you used it, the better off you were, as long as you didn't abuse it.'' Cashen remembered that Orioles Manager Earl Weaver ''was very flamboyant and not afraid to take pitchers to task vocally,'' but that ''George was very quiet; he was their friend.'' In 1979, Bamberger told Dave Anderson of The New York Times: ''My whole idea is to throw the ball over the plate. The most important pitch is a strike. But the trick is to change speeds. Trying to pinpoint a pitch is crazy. Throw the ball down the middle, but don't throw the same pitch twice. Change the speed.''  Soooo he pitched and passed it on in effort, ability and character. He gets his spot in my "HALL OF FAME HEROES LINKED TO BALTIMORE"! So if you are interested in bidding on the baseball card click here:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey All You Big Heads Like Me!

You get to ease off some of the worry about getting Alzheimers Disease!

Seriously this is a great informative email that is great for keeping  you up to date on the disease.

Bye Bye Baseball Boys! Jeff Ballard Oriole Pitcher

Bye Bye Baseball Boys!

Jeff Ballard Pitcher Orioles 1987-91
Lot of 3 baseball cards:
1 Donruss 1989 #495
1 Upper Deck 1990 #259
1 Upper Deck 1991 #260
I am downsizing and thus selling thousands of cards from my sportcards collections at yard sales and here online during the coming months. I will be selling them individually and/or in lots here player by player until they are all gone. Their ages vary. I will be listing a lot of cards that I originally bought at auctions and yard sales from the late 70's through the early 2000s. If you are interested in bidding on Ebay for these cards click here:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ever Wonder What the Average Weight of a Kansas Coyote Is?

Actually I never did ...  until a coyote appeared in my daughter's neighborhood  in northern Virginia earlier this year. As it shows on the back of the postcard ..the average weight of the Kansas coyote is 30 pounds. I understand coyotes are making a comeback in surviving near people and that they surround other living creatures and attack in packs! Arrggghhh! Our gators down here is Floriday don't do that! And this coyote is so cute! Haven't been to Kansas yet, but met nice folks from there while in Branson Missouri years ago.According to the back of the postcard: " Limestone posts of Kansas have supported barbed wire fences throughout North Central Kansas since the 1870's. They reflect the sturdy character of the ingenious pioneers who conceived and erected them. A man-made 'Garden of Eden' in Lucas, Russell Co. Kansas is the heart of the stone post country. Pictured is a Kansas coyote (a small wolf of the western prairies whose average weight is 30 pounds)." Dunlap Post Card Co.About 3.5 inches by about 5.5 inches. Not new and not used. The usual "not new" condition exists of back of postcard with age discoloration that goes with its age. Great for post card collectors, card makers, crafters and/or scrap bookers. I am downsizing my postcard collection during the coming months and selling those I am not going to use to make my postcard notecards... individually or in lots on Ebay Auctions til they are all gone. Their ages vary. I have a lot of postcards going up for sale that I originally bought online labeled 1950's -70's. But I also have postcards in the lots that came out of family houses where the people lived for 50 and 68 years.I only list individual postcards that I would feel satisfied buying. But if they arrive and you are not satisfied, feel free to email me within 7 days of receiving them.If you are interested in bidding on this postcard click here:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey Hon Remember Duffy's in Baltimore?

What blew me away listing this item was that I had it in my estate stuff. I do not remember ever seeing it before. But Downsizers, it instantly took me back in times to the Old Duffy's Restaurant on Frederick Avenue in the Irvington part of Baltimore in days gone by. I can remember walking with my mother down Old Frederick Road to the shortcut dirt path we called Schoolhouse Lane over to Frederick Avenue near the Memorial Methodist Church, Dr. Johnson's office, and the #8 Streetcar. Ahh the smells and sounds coming out of  Duffy's as we walked into the friendly warm restaurant part on the right side of the building. It was fun seeing our friend the waitress Mrs. Sachs. Crabs of all sorts and other tasty items. But alas the Old Duffy's is gone...yes there is a new Duffy's but the old one can only be rerun in our memories. What I wouldn't give to be able to go back into time and see all these old memories with the me of today! Anyway if any of you have Duffy memories please add them here for us to enjoy! I was not able to find any even on google! My mother used to like their chicken livers when she took her granddaughters there one daughter just told me. Cousin Bill just emailed his memory " That wonderful seafood odor going past their place." So true! It drove you crazy just driving by! Now I don't know if this card actually came from Our Old Duffy's because there is no address but it came out of one of my Maryland estates and  you know what ...nice creed! It actually is a little lighter beige/tan than I can get on the scanner. Edgewear as shown on the pic. A piece of Baltimore that is gone. There might be a new Duffy's but it cannot capture the old one. But I cannot prove this card came from there. About 3 1/2 inches wide by about 5 inches high. If you are interested in bidding on this creed, click here:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Downsizers, Get Your Hankies Out For This One! WWll Sweetheart!

This One Peso Philippines paper money came from a Maryland estate. Overprint VICTORY on the back. F02329070. This came as quite a shock as I have had it in an envelope of WWll paper money to list for years and I had never turned it over til yesterday. On the back two candles one on each of the sides and To my sweetheart hand written on the top. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year written around the VICTORY word. Your Joe written on the lower edge. Looking for a new owner who is into WWII pieces of history. Whew! If this piece could talk what a story I am sure! No one left to give info on it. I am such a fan of the Greatest Generation but this just brings tears to my eyes and heart knowing what they went through for us! Just like the kids out there now fighting for liberty and justice for all! Click here if you are interested in bidding on it on Ebay:

Friday, July 16, 2010

From Spotsylvania VA to Quebec and Back in 10 Days

Now downsizing this postcard took me waaayyy back to the 1970s when we went to visit a teacher friend & her family who had moved back to Connecticut from Virginia! Our friends were living in Stafford Springs Conn at the time. We decided to explore more unknowns  a little more so they designed us a trip and we traveled up through the Green Mountains in Vermont into Canada (no passports needed then) all the way to Quebec City (absolutely beautiful and fast driving in the transCanadian Highway!) and then back south through New Hampshire White Mountains. And we did this tram up this very mountain. It was the FIRST aerial tram in North America. So much fun! So scary! They have a little cam at this site. Check it out:
Then we headed into Boston and all the historic spots around there and then on to Mystic Conn the whaling town and then ate lobsters on a picnic bench outside! SO  YUMMY! When we left Va in that August it was 98 degrees and by the time we stopped at relatives in New Derby Vt two days later it was 42 degrees and they had a fire going! But of course by the time we headed back it was Va hot again! So many good memories even though this postcard was not purchased by us. It is not used and not new but I don't know its age. We are still friends, kids are grown, some of us have whiter hair and more pounds but ahhh the memories are so good!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

And I Repeat I Have Never Seen An Ugly Rhinestone!


Ok Rhinestone Downsizers....better not look...this will be too hard...but I can do it...I can do it! Every time I hold one of these beauties it takes me back to its "other life"! Wouldn't it be cool if we had rerun remotes for our lives and objects we love! This BEAUTIFUL rhinestones pin brooch came from a Maryland estate. Beautifully shaped. Pronged rhinestones of different sizes nicely placed amid lovely silvertone metal backing. No markings. The metal & rhinestones as shown in the pics need cleaning and will wait for an owner who knows what they are doing. This pin brooch comes across to me as a simple classic "primitive" design. Note back...check out the back of the rhinestones and note how the metal part looks like it is not mass produced . To me the metal feels hard and the outer tips are not angled exactly like the other tips if this was a machine creation. Now these are just my observations and opinions. But this I know: this lovely pin is looking for a new owner to enjoy and take out on a night on the town! If this looks like something you would like to bid on, click here to get to it on Ebay:

Friday, July 9, 2010

Who is #46 in The Oriole Hall of Fame????

Harold Baines! Born March 15, 1959 in Easton Maryland. St. Michaels, MD: where they have designated January 9 as Harold Baines Day. Right fielder and designated pitch hitter. Played over the  years for 5 AL teams. The Orioles from 97-99. According to Wikipedia created a Scholarship Fund to help deserving college-bound students. Inducted into the Orioles Hall of Fame in August 2009 as the 46th member:  This site tells a lot about his accomplishments on the field:  If you would like feel free to  bid on this lot of 7 Harold Baines baseball cards. He gets my vote for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame! Click here to bid:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

You Know You Are Getting Old When Your Tupperware Cracks!

Yep it has happened to me. If Erma Bombeck was still alive it would have made a great title for one of her books! Not downsizing my Tupperware ..did that when we moved south. But while downsizing my recipes I came across this tasty one and while researching my postcards found there are others on Ebay thus there must be Tupperware recipe postcard collectors. So here is this one. If you are interested in bidding on this one on Ebay please click here:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

86 Minutes from Our Door! Boca Grande!

Last Thursday was Break Time from downsizing! Time to enjoy and feel the moment! Floriday IS Kodak moments! Head southwest 86 minutes from our driveway and here is what you see! Tarpons swimming close to shore. Boats leisurely cruising looking for them. Bluebird Florida sky! Boca Grande! A stop at Johnny Leverock's restaurant in Palm Harbor to get the best ever Grouper sandwich and share a piece of Key Lime Pie. MMMM. No 1 on each! And what is cool you are back home in your own house by bedtime... all on a tank of gas!

Where in the World is Wisconsin Dells?

Downsizing again in the postcard area. I have never been here but it is on our bucket list. Why? During my mother's traveling days (which she loved so much!) she stopped there on their way out to the Seattle's World Fair. She loved its beauty and brought back pics of people having fun in the boats on the river. Here are some interesting online facts on this area: If you are interested in bidding on this postcard on Ebay click here:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

First Family of the 60's...

Wow! Downsizers, does this old unused postcard ever take me back to dramatic times! I remember not liking anything about them at that time because JFK was gone! My hero of change! I didn't like their looks, their Texan voices , their ideas and their actions! But now I can look back and value their public service, their love of and value of the family unit, their devotion and hard work  & involvement in decisions and law activations that have served our country well and I am right now struggling to put this part into words: they didn't act like jerks in public when things were not going their way. Hard times they navigated back then admirably. If you would like to bid on this postcard on Ebay click here:

From his major league Indians debut on the pitcher's mound in Baltimore to Springfield Missouri City Council

None other than Scott Bailes! Way to go Scott!
Scott Bailes. Pitcher.In 1986 on April 9th he made his major league pitching debut with the Indians against the Baltimore Orioles.In 2009 on April 7th he was elected to the Springfield Missouri City Council. Lot of 3 Scott Bailes baseball cards:2 Upper Deck 1991 #190 cards1 Topps 1992 #95 card. I am downsizing and thus selling thousands of cards from my sportcards collections at yard sales and here online during the coming months. I will be selling them individually and/or in lots here until they are all gone. Their ages vary. I will be listing a lot of cards that I originally bought at auctions and yard sales from the late 70's through the early 2000s. I only list cards that I would feel satisfied buying. But if they arrive and you are not satisfied, feel free to email me within 7 days of receiving them.
Please let us know if something is wrong with the item when it arrives.If you are interested in bidding on these baseball cards click here: