Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Path to Helping Hoarders

Towson Fall 2011 Magazine
Don't miss the article: Making Molehills from Mountains
by Wanda Haskel Photo by Kanji Takeno pages12-15.

Well done! Don't miss this article!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Sleeky black lady.
Eyes missed nothing.
A family treasure.
Pushed you politely if she wanted more space on the sofa.
Never got mad about anything.
Loved to run away for a wild free run in the dark of the night if the door opened and she had the "call of the night"!
And she "lived" to chase and bring back  a "hand ball and blue only"! One time we gave her green and she was so disgusted and never would chase them.

Dada and Mama missing her bad..
PopPop, Grandmama, Doris and Grammy missing her bad.
Aidan and Alexei missing her bad.
And Bucky missing her sidekick also.
Made it to 14 years.
Hearts are hurting.
Pictures and memories are helping.
Oh Shilo we love you and will miss you!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Paris Shhhh!!!! from Theadora Brack

Theadora Brack took this photo in Paris this week. Shhhhh! That's what the mural is called and here's what she said:"“Shhhhh” was created by Graffiti artist Jeff, aka Aerosol back in June 2011. The massive spray-painted (self-portrait!) mural is neatly tucked behind the corner of the Centre Pompidou. And it’s fabulous. Message? Stop, look and appreciate the city, according to the adorable artist. It certainly caught my eye."