Sunday, October 31, 2010

Did You Leave Your Keys in San Francisco? Well here are 5 Key Holders to Help the Next Time

This lot of all 5 clear hard plastic San Francisco
key ring holders came from a Maryland estate.
Not new and not used. Same pic on both sides.
Looking for a new owner to enjoy!
They range in length from end to end from about
2 1/3 inches to about 4 inches (the 3 longer ones)

Check them out here:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Looking for a Knife to Cut Your Moonpie?

A day of downsizing ends with this knife that is not for
 you if you are looking for a knife to fillet a tarpon or
shark...nope not this one ...but this is cool for other cutting a moonpie into tiny pie shaped stretch out the 150 calories a little longer!.
Or if you are in the Baltimore Black Bag Brigade
it will fit perfectly in your purse.This nice folding
1 blade knife came from a Maryland estate. Only
marking is USA where blade joins rest of knife.
Length of each part of the knife can be seen in
the pics with the ruler. Used. Don't have any
history or age. Came with the little box.
Notice the key chain on knife. The bone colored
plastic? has wear/skuff marks from light use.
The inside of the box has light wear.
Small and handy in my opinion.
Looking for a new owner to enjoy!
If you would like to buy it check it out here:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Branson Missouri Shoji Tabuchi Theater October 2010

A break from downsizing. An important part of downsizing!
Don't let it consume your "present" time. CSI had a show
this week on Hoarders and the head star was quoting
Fromm on "stuff" some societies keep. Very interesting
So anyway. Cool nights here. Ahhhh!

Duffys of Baltimore

What blew me away listing this item was that
I had it in my estate stuff.
I do not remember ever seeing it before.
But Downsizers, it instantly took me back
in times to the Old Duffy's Restaurant on
Frederick Avenue in the Irvington part of
 Baltimore in days gone by. I can remember
walking with my mother down Old Frederick
Road to the shortcut dirt path we called
Schoolhouse Lane over to Frederick Avenue
near the Memorial Methodist Church,
Dr. Johnson's office, and the #8 Streetcar.
Ahh the smells and sounds coming out of
Duffy's as we walked into the friendly
warm restaurant part on the right side of the
building. It was fun seeing our friend
the waitress Mrs. Sachs. Crabs of all
sorts and other tasty items. But alas
the Old Duffy's is gone...yes there is a
new Duffy's but the old one can only be
rerun in our memories. What I wouldn't
give to be able to go back into time and
see all these old memories with the me of
today! Anyway if any of you have
Duffy memories please add them here
for us to enjoy! I was not able to find
any even on google! My mother used
to like their chicken livers when she took
her granddaughters there one daughter
just told me. Cousin Bill just emailed his
memory " That wonderful seafood odor
going past their place." So true! It drove
you crazy just driving by! Now I don't
know if this card actually came from
Our Old Duffy's because there is no address
but it came out of one of my Maryland estates
and you know what ...nice creed!
It actually is a little lighter beige/tan than
I can get on the scanner. Edgewear as
shown on the pic. A piece of Baltimore
that is gone. There might be a new Duffy's
but it cannot capture the old one. I cannot
prove this card came from there but this
estate was 5 minutes from Duffys.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Waiting for the Show to begin!

Safe trip! Perfect weather! Good food!

Waiting for Shoji to start!

Nothing like a vacation away from


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shoji Tabuchi Still the Best of Branson Missouri!

Back there last week after many years to celebrate
a special time. Of course we had to go back
and see Shoji. He's still the warm friendly very talented
entertainer with the outstanding young people,
costumes and theater!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ever heard of A & J Septic Cleaners in Monkton Maryland?

This vintage A & J Septic Cleaners Septic Tanks,
Dry Wells and Cesspools Pumped plastic thermeter
came from a Maryland estate. It has at the bottom:
Phone: Baltimore 646-4267 and Monkton 692-6565.
Notice no area code. Temp seems to be working
as it is showing the temp we have our house set at.
I included a pic of the back and the cardboard
cover that slides over it. I googled it and found
a business with that name still listed online.
Cool! Looking for a new owner to enjoy!
 Check it out at

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Coming or Going?

Here Downsizers is an example of a pic I can't remember when I took it or where: either in Maryland or Virginia. But I love it! Reminds me of life! Darkness: the unknown. The light: God showing the way as needed. Taken sometime between the 70s through the 90s. But for me  it definitely is a keeper.

So, Downsizers, as you decide which pics are your keepers, create albums on your online storage. For example this pic starts my  "My Best Snow Shots" Album. Then don't forget to label your paper pics that you are going to keep and make paper folders with names  that match your online albums names....or make folders as to  who you want to have  your various pics when you are ready to give them away.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Bucky & Her Buddy

  She is sooooo cute here! Look her nose is still black.
She hadn't yet rubbed the color off the nose sniffing everything!
She loved her mama so much then and still does!
Look at her eyes...her love was there even way back then.
She is one of those special pets that comes through your life
and makes your heart melt just looking at her!
Looking forward to the next visit with our Granddog Bucky!
She had been the head lady in that household until the boys arrived
and she gracefully (well most of the time) relinquished her throne
to them and accepted her new fate as
Welcomer home to Mama and Dada and Boys
and their guardian against all the passerby dogs and unknown sounds! 
She and her Grandmama (me) a lot in common ..great pics when we were young...and lover of good food!:)