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Who Coached the Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays and Drives Around Florida in old rebuilt cars?

Dick Bosman! according to Wikipedia:
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3 Movies in the 50's & Still Remembered by Those Who Were Teens Then

The Hottie of the 50s! Such intensity! Daring to dress, say and act on what all those watching wished they had the courage to do! I just finished reading his Wikipedia
and noted that all the details recorded are amazing considering he did only 3 big movies..East of Eden, Giant and Rebel Without a Cause! All these years later! When You Got got it!
Check out his postcard here:

Like Lenox?

This Lenox Sunny Holdiay Pin Collection came from a Maryland estate. Check here for additional information if you are a Lenox collector.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lisner Jewelry Enameled Petals & Rhinestone Centers Earrings & Necklace

Beautiful vintage jewelry from a Maryland estate looking for a new owner to take them out of the box. They are ready to help you look beautiful!
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Ricky Rudd or the Pepsi Guy???

We had a ball through our snowbirding years hitting the interesting,  unusual and unexpected flea markets, yard sales and antique booths between Florida and Maryland. One of our son-in-laws was an avid Ricky Rudd fan and we found a lot of neat stuff outside of the big cities flea markets and antique stores for his favorite guy and for my favorite guy...let's see ..hmmm ..the real cute one...the Pepsi guy back then! Hey! That's him on the back cover right above here!
This book is a great addition to the library of a collector or seller of Racing Collectibles! Of course the 2001 values aren't current BUT the book has great pics, valuable info on the items. Postcards, tickets, kits, programs, knives, boxes, cards, medallions, ornaments, posters, steins, figures, statues, clocks, helmet replicas, bean bags, bottles, porcelain cars, decanters, autographs, driver & crew uniforms, magazines and replica hoods are in this book.I bought this book as a "seconds" from an online book seller and it was and is in good shape.
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Tops on My Bucket List: Grand Canyon National Park

Buckle up fast Lazyboy Travelers...better get out of town before Irene hits! One of my top ten spots on my bucket list: The Grand Canyon National Park. These little booklets are neat and handy to carry. Colors in pics are like the colors in the old technicolor movies. Pretty. 49cents when it was new but now higher with the Ebay prices, Paypal prices and USPS prices added in. But they sure are neat pieces of the past! I love the front cover!
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Magic-Brain Calculator... We've Come A Long Way Babe! Or Have We?

1966 and we were using these! Hard to believe! Now we calculate in seconds! And talk to people around the world in seconds! And send pics to anyone in seconds! And yet our Congress people can't come  up with a balanced budget! Maybe we should get each of them one of these! Ha! Not enough places for the numbers they are spending!
Click here to check out this Made in Japan Magic-Brain Calculator 1966 unopened.

Bye! Bye! Baseball Borowski Baseball Card!

Joe Borowski. Fleer Ultra 1997. #530.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What??? Gene Florence Doesn't Have His Own Wiki Page?? Outrageous!!!

The King of Collectible Glassware! That's what we called Gene Florence and his knowledge of glassware found in this and his other glassware books when I was selling in the flea markets and antique booths. Great pics, information on the makers and patterns. Of course the prices then are different but that in itself is helpful. Not selling glassware anymore so moving this book on to someone who is. Click here to check it out:
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Wonder if Ernie Berryhill DID marry someone else before Mitzie saw him again!

Okay Lazyboy Travelers...we are heading west again. Beautiful sights I haven't seen in person yet. LaJolla and Rockbound coast, Palm Springs Mission Capistrano, Sea World, San Diego, Los Angeles, Malibu Beach, Santa Barbara and Solvang.
Magnificent Southern California Paradise of the Golden State. Beautiful pictures. Each panel is about 3 7/8 inches by about 6 inches. Used. Not new. Mitzie sent this to Ernie in Memphis Tenn.. Date on postmark is blurred. Told Ernie she was thinking of him and she guessed by the time he gets the card he will be married to someone else. Hmmm. Wonder if he was!7 panels of pics on both sides.
Click here to check out this postcard folder:

Bye! Bye! Baseball Brett Boone Baseball Card!

Click here to check out this Brett Boone Baseball card:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Coca Cola Or Pepsi for You??

Well when we moved to Maryland we inherited a little kitchen with a beautiful red sink and red/white little squares what better to decorate with than coca cola items...and it has been such fun!
And when we go out for a fast food fix to McDs ...Diet Coke it is....

BUT... BUT... when we weekly food shop I get the bottled Diet Pepsi with caffeine..Ahhhh yes... 

Pepsi wins for taste!
Coca Cola wins for collectables!
So since we have moved out of the Coca Cola red kitchen house, I am downsizing my Coca Cola Book.
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The Eighties Ladies Sweetheart V Pins & Wanting to Puke!

About a month or two ago I was down in Sun City Center Florida at the new Fish Hut. While eating our lunches we saw a group of attractive older ladies in similar outfits and matching hats like the Lady Waves used to wear years ago eating their lunches. So I just had to get up and go over and ask them what group they were, thinking it would be one of the female military groups. But they were a group of widows whose husbands had given their lives in the line of duty. They went out to eat and kept their memories alive. I told them it was an honor to see them and they were valued. Wow....I had already had  such a love affair for that era of women..I used to call them the Eighties Ladies...but a lot of them are now Nineties Ladies.  They are still so strong emotionally, physically and spiritually...and probably were the most important Unsung Heros of those years. They picked up the needs left behind as their husbands bravely moved into the unknown dangers to preserve our democracy! How about these pins! Can you just  imagine the soft conversations when these pins changed hands. Many never seeing their sweethearts again.
And now my mind shifts to the Congessional handling of our current times this past summer and I want to puke! Let's put some of these gals in there! Bet they could get the job done!
Anyway you can check out this pin at my Ebay store:

Pennsylvania's Gettysburg ..They Went There for Shoes and Lost the War

OK Lazyboy Travelers we are heading up north to Pennsylvania. I have been there before many times through the years. When I taught in Virginia we took field trips up here. When living in Maryland went up there also.  Pennsylvanias and Marylanders are like connected at the hip! This little booklet has picked my favorite spots in the battlepark. Not new.  In very good shape. Clear colorful pictures. I have never met a Pennsylvanian I haven't liked so it should be fun! Well there was one I really didn't like. Not bad for all these years. Click here to check out this booklet:

Bye! Bye! Bonilla Card!

Bye! Bye! Bobby Bonilla Baseball Card! Upper Deck. 1995 Special Edition. #60.
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Downsizer Teachers...Are You Still Getting the Call of the Classroom???

Remember the book/movie... Call of the Wild? Remember Buck the dog? Remember when he started getting antsy..excited...agitated..pacing..feeling the call of his wild?
Well, when I was teaching in Prince William County in Virginia..about this time of the year in the middle of August.every year the silence of out in the country where we lived...SUDDENLY... you would suddenly start hearing the locust/crickets or what ever they were...right on time reminding all us teachers.with their buzzing....THE TIME WAS HERE to:
1. Check out the teacher book stores and spend your $$$ on the "stuff" to "beautify/electrify" your classroom for your incoming cherubs!
2. Check out  your classrooms and start moving the furniture and books and "stuff" guided by a psychic gps within til you got it just right.
3. Check out your student lists.
4. Gather the library "stuff" you would need for your first units in your various subjects.
5. See your ol teacher pals as they come in to the school following their teacher call of the classroom.

At this time all else dimmed in importance til you followed this call and got everything just right!
And you know what... when we are out still happens...the Call!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lisner Jewelry: Bold Colors & Creative Designs

Vintage Lisner Goldtone clip earrings from a Maryland estate. Timeless pieces. About 1 1/8 inches in diameter.Holding these and taking their pics made me's stuff they call jewelry just doesn't have the beautiful rich goldtone or the detailed designs they had back when they made these.
Check them out here:

New Orleans & The French Quarter BEFORE Katrina

7 panels. Lots of pictures of New Orleans before Katrina:
Corner Bourbon & Bienville St.,International Trade Mart Building, Pontalba Apartments,Pat O'Briens,Mardi Gras,Royal Street Promenade, Canal Street, St. Peter Street, Brennan's Patio & The Cafe Du Monde.
Sent to Miss Sue Drexel in Baltimore in Aug 31 197?3.
Check this album out here:

Who Did Ted Willliams Say: "Rarely does a strike get past his eye."?

Wow! What a baseball player!
Check out his baseball card here:

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