Monday, June 6, 2011



LESSON #1: Take DR. BAREHAM Science Department

Thinking back I remembered …White jacket, maybe a bow tie, soft voice, hands-on experiments, quiet humor, student involvement. REAL mental connection with each student when talking and listening to them. And the most important: he seemed to really enjoy his area of subject matter.  And lo and behold Clair found a pic of him for me today and you can still see those qualities in his pic! I can’t find my year book right now so I really can’t wait to see the Memory Book!

One year while teaching at Neabsco Elementary in Dale City one of my past students who by then was working for the a/c maintenance department of our Prince William County Virginia came up and told me how much he had liked being in my class. At this point I was inwardly puffing up awaiting a heavy academic compliment and he said “Your glasses were cool. I used to like watching them darken when we went out for recess and then lighten when we came back in!” Ha! Ha! Poof went the puff! But for a long time after that made me of the many ways to connect with students was the "look" you created for your teacher Dr. Bareham…check out his white jacket, cool hair, and an organized, interesting work area! How about that high tech science equipment back then!

Lesson learned: Use your looks, habits, organization and quality hands-on activities to leave your teacher footprints on the kids!

I remember student teaching in Lutherville and hearing that one of the master teachers there said no-no to student teachers having pony tails hair styles...and no-no to wearing flowery beige outfits..those teachers' beliefs made me want to leave my footprints elsewhere...but then I went down to the John & McMechan Streets school in Baltimore City to student teach my second 9 weeks and I taught under "Ms Polly" who had no graded readers...wore capes and boots..She would send me out to buy an aquarium and fish and set it up and see where it took us! So those two Towson experiences showed me what I wanted "not" to do and "what " to do. And years later when student teachers from Mary Washington College and other nearby colleges worked in my room I never forgot to guide them to what we learned in this Lesson #1!


  1. What year was this picture taken?

  2. 1961 was the year of my yearbook.

  3. I'm not sure if this got through the first time or not so please forgive the repost. Dr. Bareham was my great Uncle. He passed away last year. I've been searching for pictures and additional info about his career at Towson and would appreciate any further info, pictures, or additional contacts.
    My contact info is


  4. So great to hear from you! Our Towson year created a blog and we had this article there.
    Check it out there! We also created a memory book with a page from each of us. Maybe there is an extra one I can find. He looked EXACTLY like this in my memory when I wrote this article before Clair found this pic! I also forgot to mention his knowledge of rocks and minerals sent me on a lifelong love of rocks and minerals!

  5. Dr. Bareham was the BEST teacher at Towson University! He started me on a successful career in geology/hydrology.
    Dan P. '77

    1. Thanks Dan P.! It makes all retired educators feel good to read your comment and the impact of the good a teacher can do! Sandy