Monday, June 6, 2011

Are You A Member of the Recipe Pile Platoon?

Are you a member of the Recipe Pile Platoon?
Downsizer's Dilemma! What to Do with All the Family & Friends' Recipes????
THIS HAS BEEN DRIVING ME CRAZY FOR YEARS! TRIED TO MAKE MY OWN .... USING DATABASES AND SPREADSHEETS ...TOO MUCH TIME WASTED AND NOT ENOUGH PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE to pull it off to pull up what I want quickly and clearly. 68 years and 4 generations of recipes arrgghh.Bought a notebook recipe organizer but not big enough and not fast enough. So then I thought I will search online and I found what I thought was the ultimate online organizer. Slick presentation online! Expensive but I took the plunge and ordered it and some of their softwear. And then the UNEXPECTED crashed! It took several days to get a response and several phonecalls. And it crashed/locked again!!! But that day their phone lady was off so several more days passed again. That was it! The end! Demanded my money back and several days later after calls, faxes and emails I was refunded the amount. Always nice, professional but the product didn't work on my sorta new 64 bit cool computer. IF I HAD GONE TO AMAZON and read the good and bad reviews of this product I would have saved myself lots of time and stress!!
And if you use the Amazon reviews you know you can pick up what others think works better than what you are considering buying. That happened . I downloaded the trial of the one others liked .. I love it!!!... less can make your own cookbooks, it works with my computer, pictures are easy to add, tips, comments, procedures etc places on each recipe you can add! No phone service but so far online communication works well! 1/3 the price of the glitzy one that I purchased that presented well online but crashed and locked.
So if you feel you are drowning in index cards and cookbooks and newspaper clippings make the your own cookbooks...create your own chapers and insert the recipes you want to not downsize! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! It is scary getting rid of the original recipes! But liberating also! So where I confess I am still in the Baltimore Black Bag Brigade because I cannot shake black bags I have released myself from the Recipe Pile Platoon that never gets to use their recipes because there are too many and there is too little time to find what you want. Now .. it's click here and click there and pull it up and print out what you what in the size you want. Freedom!
Here's what one of my oldy ones looked like and it took lots of minutes just finding it. So I scanned the original (for memory's sake)..put it in the electronic with the new version.

Click here if you want to see the good recipe organizer we are enjoying: http:

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