Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fish Great for Gift, Gift Card or Napkin Holders

The first time I laid my eyes on these little cuties,
I was at a Maryland fishing club dinner/auction.
They have a lot of possiblities. Hold your napkins
and/or plastic silverware. Give them with little
gifts at fishing events. and on and on. So I bought
online a HUGE amount of them in a lot, gave
some away, kept a lot , and sell the rest in sets
of 4 fish. .These fish come four to a set. Thus you get
three sets in this auction. The colors are as shown in
the pic. I stuck ideas in their mouths to show how
they can be used. ONLY THE 12 FISH ARE FOR
SALE in this lot, not the stuff in their mouths.
Cute! They are not new but not used so that is
why I listed them as new because there is not
a "not used not new choice".
Check them out here:

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