Thursday, June 30, 2011

Attention All Deltiologists!

Oopps! Missed this meeting...Saturday November 14, 1992... but check here for up to date meetings in your areas:

This postcard club is still listed on the website above.
Check out this postcard here:

Any Rock Hounds Out There?

4 Agate slabs. Ever been to Big Mike's Rock Shop in Kentucky near Mammoth Cave? Don't miss that one if you are a rock hound! A must stop on all our trips to Missouri through the years.

 Hope to find a new home for these favorites!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#4 of the Beyond the Baseball Years Hall of Fame Is....

What did he do to get into my Beyond The Baseball Years  Hall of Fame???
Check him out here:
Great article telling his accomplishments on the field and beyond the field.
Check out this baseball card here:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Does A Ship Ever Die?

Does a ship ever die? I never even thought about this question til my husband got caught up in boats and until I started selling postcards online. Our first boat came from Dr. Gregory in Spotsylvania. It had sailed Lake Anna and probably the Potomac River until we bought it. Then it sailed the same places until we moved to Pasadena Maryland. At that time it was sold to a high school kid down the street and when we moved it was still there in his back yard. So it seems from that boat and others we have don't die they just change owners, locations and names. Ha! Take this beauty!  Check out its history:

So I conclude...they don't die...just change names and retire.

Bye! Bye! Baseball Baltimore Boy Bielecki Cards!

Baltimore Boy! Dundalk High School! Played for different teams in his career. Check out his stats here:
Wonder what he is doing now?

Click out here to check out these two baseball cards:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

And They Lived Happily Ever After?

Aren't they a good looking couple? Don't they look like they go together? Sweden. HM King Carl XVI Gustav and HM Queen Silvia. Postcard is not dated. But they were married  6/19/1976. Here are some more neat pics of this couple:

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bye! Bye! Baseball Berumen Card!

1997 Pacific Collection # GD-204
Andres Berumen. Pitcher. Padres.
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Thanks for the Hospitality!

So appropriate to list this vintage postcard today!. We had a delightful visit with cousins visiting from the far Miami end of Florida heading to the other end...Pensacola on Monday. So much fun catching up on we all are doing now and showing them our now location. While here we were sharing our knowledges of our iPhones and enjoying everything we learned from each other. One they taught me was how to send a voice message email from their iphone via email to our iphone. When they got home they sent it and I got it on my iphone but also on my aol email on my big computer via itunes/memo. So cool. And it got me thinking while working here this am how far we have come in WHAT we use to send our thoughts..  how FAST we have become in sending these thoughts too! BUT....the thoughts??? they  are the still the same!

Click here to check out the postcard:

Little Dog #48

This little dog is so cute! I got him when looking for a dog for my daughter and I  came across a lot of over 50 of them on Ebay. It was so exciting when they arrived so many different shapes, breeds, sizes , materials they were made of. The one I wanted alas had broken on its way to me..but since I got them years ago they have individually headed out in all directions. The lister of the lot disappeared from the Ebay scene but before he stopped listing he emailed me that the person he was listing them for had a grandmother in California near the water. She had a restaurant and he remembered seeing them there in the restaurant when he was a kid. And that is all I can tell  you. But I can tell you each time one of them gallops off into another location I feel like one of my kids has left home!
This dog is made of a hard sorta rough finish. Smaller than a quarter! The brown painted on spots have flecked off somewhat from age and handling through the years. Check out the pic showing the base..looks like pan printed on it..probably Japan..
Check it out here:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Thanks for teaching me to cry at space launches. Thanks for teaching me to hug. Thanks for teaching me to keep in touch with people who don't seem to want it but need it. Thanks for teaching me to stay in touch with God. Thanks for teaching me you can overcome tough stuff!

Israel and a Jesus Family Tree

This softcover book and I connected in an interesting fashion. I had seen a great Jesus Family Tree owned by one of our Bible Study group. I tracked it down to this company Doko Media Ltd. I ordered it and was so excited when I thought it arrived safely. But the nicely packaged family tree had been bent how I do not know...and the bend broke the package and wrinkled the chart. I sent an email to tell them and explained it was the mail system and just wanted them to know. They without any arm twisting told me they would send me a replacement free  of charge. It arrived and was this interesting book by mistake. I emailed them again and they told me to keep this book and they would correct their mistake and send me the Jesus Family Tree. I thought suurrreee they will but they did. Here is the website: where I got mine. But I am selling it because it should be with someone who has traveled there and will be able to enjoy it more.
So check here if you want to check this book out:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Willows American & Hawaiian Food Restaurant Honolulu Hawaii

Been there? Is there anyone other than me who has not been to Hawaii?

I have no need to see Hawaii. I live in and love Florida and it looks like that. I feel guilty because of that admission. Everyone says it is awesome and magical. Maybe someday it will make my bucket list. This matchbook says this restaurant was previously the Owner's private estate:

Check this matchbook out here:

Mmmmm THE BEST Mississippi Mud Cake Recipe Ever!

Evelyn is one of our "Forever Friends". We met them in Spotsy Va when we moved there from Dale City. Don't get to see each other a lot lately but we still connect via Facebook, phone and emails. We wave to each other across Tampa Bay! But as Forever Friends know our friendship doesn't dim with separation of earthly distances.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Miami Beach and Maryland Card Clubs

Loving Florida the scene in this postcard appealed to me immediately! Beautiful shot postcard travelers! Ethel sent this to Lisa telling her in February of 1980 that she was having a nice time and would be meeting Catherine and Goldie next week. But her big question to Lisa: Did she win high prize at card club? I had forgotten all about Maryland card clubs till I read this! Wonder if she won? Wonder how much? In 1980 I was teaching in Virginia, commuting 50 miles each way and enjoying every minute of my very busy life. But I do remember when I was a kid tucked in between grownup aunts and other relatives heading towards card club events in the autos back in the 50s in the evenings. I remember the smells of moth balls coming towards me from their wonderful fur coats. I remember arriving to welcoming people and lots of laughter and good food and the opportunity to play with cousins! Baltimore cold is like no where else and snuggling in between those fur coats going home felt great! As do the memories brought back from the words  of this post card!

Check out this postcard in my Ebay store: Downsizer Sandy:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Damon Berryhill

How About Chicken and Rice for Dinner?

Well I finally am going to dig into my newest electronic recipes development!

Got the newest Living Cookbook 2011 version. Love it! Recommend it!

Dorothy Nieberlein was one of the growing up friends of my mother and her 7 brothers and sisters. A forever friend. There for each other to have good times, good conversations, and help if needed.
This is a fast easy "Comfort Food" recipe:
Chicken & Rice:

Monday, June 13, 2011

So Where Is This Tree In Solid Rock?

So where is this tree? Atop a mountain out west between Laramie and Cheyenne Wyoming. Check out its interesting history here: Railroad builders stopped to water it when passing it by. Cool!
Wonder if it is still alive....

Check out this postcard here:

Doesn't This Pin Just Shout "Old"!

Downsizers, doesn't this pin just shout OLD! Takes me back in time to when I was a kid and my Grandmother and her sister Aunt Belle always were dressed in dresses and wore these pins on them. Brings back from the people who wore them memories of... love...soft fabric clothes...soft feminine Avon perfume smells..people who had time to listen to and talk to kids...
Check out this pin :

Downsizing and Want to Know What You Have and How Much It Used to Be Worth?

One of the problems with downsizing this year is that if  you were planning on getting a lot for selling your stuff that might not be the case any longer. This book shows what things were worth in 1997 and that is good to decide how low you will go. It also gives history on many items. THEN after you know those two areas about your "stuff" you can make a better decision on whether to hold, give away or fold and sell at lower prices.
Check this book at my Ebay store:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Downsizing My Downsizing!

 I have decided to downsize my Downsizer Recipe blog by merging it into my Downsizer Sandy Blog. Ha! Downsizing never ends!

MMMM Mom's Peach Cobbler

While downsizing I have realized how good

my mother was at keeping the "good " recipes.
She was downsizing and I was too busy
with "work" to appreciate all her downsizing
work til now. Here is one she kept in her
own handwriting on a Hyatt Orlando paper.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ever Hear of Mickey Mouse Money?

That's what they used to call Japanese Government paper money in countries they invaded in WWII. I had never thought about what happens to a country's money during a war. Wikipedia has a very interesting article here on that:

Check out this paper money here:

Fish Great for Gift, Gift Card or Napkin Holders

The first time I laid my eyes on these little cuties,
I was at a Maryland fishing club dinner/auction.
They have a lot of possiblities. Hold your napkins
and/or plastic silverware. Give them with little
gifts at fishing events. and on and on. So I bought
online a HUGE amount of them in a lot, gave
some away, kept a lot , and sell the rest in sets
of 4 fish. .These fish come four to a set. Thus you get
three sets in this auction. The colors are as shown in
the pic. I stuck ideas in their mouths to show how
they can be used. ONLY THE 12 FISH ARE FOR
SALE in this lot, not the stuff in their mouths.
Cute! They are not new but not used so that is
why I listed them as new because there is not
a "not used not new choice".
Check them out here:

Pictou Nova Scotia Been There?

Not been there yet. But looks restful ...beautiful...

Check out this postcard here:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

MMMM! Beef Stew Francaise!

This tasty recipe I found in

my downsizer mother's pile of
her "keep" recipes we call our "508" recipes.
So I guess you would call this a "double keep" recipe!
Nothing like a beef stew on a chilly football Sunday afternoon
with Johnny Unitas leading the ol Baltimore Colts down the field to victory!

 As mentioned in earlier blogs on this blogspot. I am moving my keeper recipes onto my best find of the year my new software
I found on the internet called if you would like a copy of this recipe
in that format via email, email me at and I will email you a copy.

Remember Jason Bere?

This is a hologram card. I had no clue when I started listing sportscards what a hologram card was. Do you know what one is? The card does not look exactly like this scan on the front. Well it gets kinda complicated to put in a few words...but hey I found the online place that tells you all and more than all you ever wanted to know about holograms. Cool stuff here!

So back to Jason Bere? Here's an interview with him:

Here's his hologram card. Check it out here: