Monday, June 6, 2011

So What's A Paper Email???

 Everyone here reading right now has those special people we love who won't take a baby step into the online world! We love them so much and at the same time they drive us crazy keeping them current with the latest pics, news and other newsworthy stuff that we pop online in seconds to our online friends!

Fellow Downsizers...Here is the way to do it!
Buy my postcard notecards or make your own and send them on to a person to enjoy with you, instead of keeping them cramped up in boxes til you conk out or forget where they are.
The white envelope is about 5 1/4 inches by about 7 1/4 inches. On the front of the note card is the permanently attached vintage postcard. The second pic gives you a closeup of the permanently attached postcard.
In this case on the back of the notecard on an attached label is what was on the back of the postcard:
"Wild Bill Hickok's last poker hand, which was played August 2, 1876 at Deadwood,Dakota Territory is portrayed with wax figures at Southwestern Historical Wax Museum, Grand Prairie, Texas."
Inside the note card, it is blank for you to add your very own message you want instead of the dorky ones people get paid to write for the card companies. Go creative and enjoy! AND then type YOUR message to them (or cut and paste your online messages )on your computer..print it out, cut it out and tape it inside these creations and whala! Stick that stamp on the envelope and their address and send them their very own paper emails!
At the very least you communicated with them instead of putting it off because you are so busy. At the very most you get them closer to the enjoyment of the world of electronic emails/notes and cards which are so much fun!
Aha ..think I will call them paper emails...thoughts right now ...with messages for people too special to send electronically and/or for people who haven't moved into the electronic messaging era.,,
Check this one out at my Ebay store:

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