Monday, April 26, 2010

Do You Remember Little Lotta Comic Books??

Ahh.. These good ol comics! When you had time to just sit somewhere , take your time, enjoy Little Lotta, Litte Dot & Richie Rich

Well now you can! Thanks to Ebay!

Like Wood Carving? Schnitzelbank Woodcarving Shop Frankenmuth, Michigan

Like woodcarvings? Like music boxes? Like Anri Ferrandiz woodcarvings? Then this looks like the place for you to check out!

If your time or $ is too tight to go see it , you can buy this postcard at my Ecrater store!

Bob Tewsbury on Ecrater

Ever wonder what happened to Bob Tewsbury?

Former Cards pitcher now works as a psychologist for Red Sox according to Lee Hurwitz / Check out that site for more details. Interesting!

This card #630 Upper Deck 1991 is on:


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kindle & Amazon

I got an Amazon Kindle for Christmas and I just love it! I have done more reading since Christmas than in all the years since I retired from teaching!

I love reading about 5 books at the same time and switch back and forth.

Right now I am enjoying Ben Franklin's autobiography, Anne Tylers book Digging to America, Apothecary's Daughter, Kindle Hints and as of yesterday latest edition of The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly . Really interesting!

I love our Kindle's size and the font sizes! You can even put the audio on and listen while you travel!

And what makes it all run smoothly is how organized Amazon is with anything you want to use on it or with it... newspapers, blogs, mags, books, etc! Books download in a minute! No more waiting or wasting gas going to the stores!

You have a question or concern with Amazon and they have an easy to reach phone number that gets your phone number and they call you back instantly. And get this, USPS, no insurance needed to keep customers happy! AND their shipping is fast and nothing broken YET. Hmmm maybe the government should let Amazon give the USPS competition!

I sell books on Amazon and they are organized there too.

Anyway long live the Kindle!


Here is the egg dish as it arrived at its destination:


I cannot let this issue go... so I will express my thoughts here! I sell on Ebay and other places. I sold a beautiful glass deviled egg dish. This is how it looked when it left my house in a Priority Flat Rate box cushioned with bubble wrap and air cushions. The buyer paid $13.50 for shipping and it was packed well. The next pic shows what the buyer opened. This is not right!!! I refunded the cost of the item and the shipping. Everyone lost on this. Ebay. Paypal. Seller and Buyer...except the USPS. Because I expect the USPS to not need $2 more for insurance I can expect nothing in return. No wonder they are in trouble! That was packed well! THAT IS my point. We ALL are expected in life to do a good job with all we do! The USPS will never be successful til they dig in and give more quality and concern on a job well done! This dish had inches of cushioned material on all sides so even if it was dropped it was ok. USPS wake up! Look at your procedures and training on the shipping of your packages and cure your own problems. Ebay alone has over 102 million items listed at any minute so don't tell me you do not have enough business. Wake up and change!!! This poor egg dish I sold downsizing looking to find it a better home is no more. Instead all its beauty and workmanship are gone because you don't care enough to get the things to their destinations safely!

Aha! Got it! Maybe!

Aha! Finally figured out how to post my first blog! This high tech Grandmama has come a long way from her first computer the ol Vic 20 Comodore which actually had a cassette player where you put in the games you wanted to play!

So before I type anything more, let me see how this will work.