Saturday, April 17, 2010


I cannot let this issue go... so I will express my thoughts here! I sell on Ebay and other places. I sold a beautiful glass deviled egg dish. This is how it looked when it left my house in a Priority Flat Rate box cushioned with bubble wrap and air cushions. The buyer paid $13.50 for shipping and it was packed well. The next pic shows what the buyer opened. This is not right!!! I refunded the cost of the item and the shipping. Everyone lost on this. Ebay. Paypal. Seller and Buyer...except the USPS. Because I expect the USPS to not need $2 more for insurance I can expect nothing in return. No wonder they are in trouble! That was packed well! THAT IS my point. We ALL are expected in life to do a good job with all we do! The USPS will never be successful til they dig in and give more quality and concern on a job well done! This dish had inches of cushioned material on all sides so even if it was dropped it was ok. USPS wake up! Look at your procedures and training on the shipping of your packages and cure your own problems. Ebay alone has over 102 million items listed at any minute so don't tell me you do not have enough business. Wake up and change!!! This poor egg dish I sold downsizing looking to find it a better home is no more. Instead all its beauty and workmanship are gone because you don't care enough to get the things to their destinations safely!

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