Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here It Is! His Big Legoland Win: Big Snake!

His Big Win ! He even got to take Snake  home in a suitcase after he carried him around the park all day with a little help from Dark haired brother!

Monday, January 2, 2012



My Bucket List of Books to Read for 2012 And Number One is Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Happy New  Year! Yep I can't believe it myself. I swore after writing my blog here on October 8, 2011
I would have no interest in this book. But the more I read and heard I decided after looking around my home and seeing the techy things I have I would HAVE to check it out ...
What a book! What were YOU doing in 1975?? I was moving towards a new exciting marriage...a new home...raising two wonderful girls..and loving life teaching in Prince William County Va...and life was good...and AT THE SAME time out on the west coast of our country in little houses just like Dale City there was a guy coming home from Asia..remeeting with his buddy Steve Wozniak to do something for Atari.  It is so hard to believe how THEN became NOW in such a short time! And much of it came from this small group of high school/college kids!
Isaacson is SOOO good at telling the good and the bad about Jobs and all those who were a part of his life. I can't put the book down but I am reading it slowly and savoring it and I also have other books on my iphone, Kindle, tablet and computer I jump into during each day. Ha! Ha! Life is good!
I am only up to page 52 but knew I would be giving this book to each of our kids and their husbands for Christmas. And this I also know at this point:
1.Adopted children and parents of adopted children should read this book to see how adoption impacted Jobs for the good and bad. His adoptive parents gave him so much that launched him on his way!
2. Thinking back to Dancing with the Stars when Steve Wozniak was there. he was certainly under appreciated and at times treated rudely.  You really get to value him in this book and I think we owe him a lot of the value Jobs gets.
3.I like Jobs more because he liked Bob Dylan. Ha! Love that Dylan!
4. Jobs was certainly a combination of good and bad as we all are and Isaacson brilliantly brings out both.
5. Don't underestimate and don't underdevelop our gifted kids' educations in these financial hard times. No Jobs didn't take courses he didn't value but the courses he wanted and took WERE there for him to grow.