Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If You Are Looking for a Knife to Fillet a Tarpon this is NOT the One for You!

A day of downsizing ends with this knife that is not for you if you are looking for a knife to fillet a tarpon or shark...nope not this one ...but this is cool for other cutting a moonpie into tiny pie shaped stretch out the 150 calories a little longer!.Or if you are in the Baltimore Black Bag Brigade it will fit perfectly in your purse.This nice folding 1 blade knife came from a Maryland estate. Only marking is USA where blade joins rest of knife. Length of each part of the knife can be seen in the pics with the ruler. Used. Don't have any history or age. Came with the little box. Notice the key chain on knife. The bone colored plastic? has wear/skuff marks from light use. The inside of the box has light wear. Small and handy in my opinion. Looking for a new owner to enjoy!I only list items that I would feel satisfied buying. But if it arrives and you are not satisfied, feel free to email me within 7 days of receiving it and get your money back.If you would like to bid on it on Ebay click here:

Butterfly Butterfly Fly Away!

Butterfly! Butterfly! Fly Away from where? Dances? Work? Church? To where will it go next? Ohhh...a downsizing in the jewelry area. I love these pins' simplicity! These two lovely rhinestones silvertone butterfly chained pins came from a Maryland estate. I do not have any history on their age or what their metal material is or where they flew. The rhinestones seem to be glued in and not pronged. The rhinestones in the middle of each pin seem to have darkening behind them and need someone who knows how to clean them. I love the primitive feel to these pieces. Their clasps work and one is tight I guess from their age. Each butterfly is about an inch wide at their widest from wing to wing. The chain linking the two pins is about 1 3/4 inches from one end to the other end.Looking for a new owner to enjoy!I only list items that I would feel satisfied buying. But if it arrives and you are not satisfied, feel free to email me within 7 days of receiving it and get your money back. Click here if interested in bidding on Ebay

Does the World Seem Like This to You???

Downsizing my postcards today. Listing on Ebay. I just had to list this one today! Fits the world this week! Cute! Artist: Art Strader. Designer: Coralie Dixon Sparre. Old 1982 Art Strader Comic postcard. The Whole World's Cockeyed! Mike Roberts Color Production.

About 3.5 inches by about 5.5 inches. Not new and not used. The usual "not new" condition exists of back of postcard with age discoloration that goes with its age. Great for post card collectors, card makers, crafters and/or scrap bookers. I am downsizing my postcard collection during the coming months and selling those I am not going to use to make my postcard notecards... individually or in lots here on Ebay Auctions til they are all gone. Their ages vary. I have a lot of postcards going up for sale that I originally bought online labeled 1950's -70's. But I also have postcards in the lots that came out of family houses where the people lived for 50 and 68 years.I only list individual postcards that I would feel satisfied buying. But if they arrive and you are not satisfied, feel free to email me within 7 days of receiving them.If interesting on bidding on this postcard click here:

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jeff Bagwell Houston Lot of 9 Baseball Cards

According to Wikipedia "Baseball statistician Bill James, in his New Historical Baseball Abstract, listed Bagwell as the fourth best first baseman of all time. And "The Houston Astros retired his number 5 jersey on August 26, 2007, prior to the start of a game versus the Pittsburgh Pirates. Bagwell was the eighth player in Astros history to have his number retired. "

Lot of 9 Jeff Bagwell baseball cards:
1 Upper Deck 1991 #702 card.
2 Upper Deck 1991 #755 cards.
1 Fleer Ultra 1992 #198 card.
1 Upper Deck 1992 #HR25 card.
1 Leaf 1995 #119 card.
1 Select 1996 #12 card.
1 Leaf 1996 #199 card.
1 Pinnacle 1997 #57 card.
I am downsizing and thus selling thousands of cards from my sportcards collections at yard sales and here online during the coming months. I will be selling them individually and/or in lots here until they are all gone. Their ages vary. I will be listing a lot of cards that I originally bought at auctions and yard sales from the late 70's through the early 2000s. If you would like to bid on these click here:

Monday, June 28, 2010

Robert Byrd .... a Hero

Senator Robert Byrd
Why a hero???
He was an orphan who achieved what he did!
He married and stayed with his high school sweetheart!
He was flexible enough to change his thinkings as time changed.
His sense of humor!
The sense of security he gave us in trusting him to do what was right for our country.
His intelligence.
Sticking to his job through hard times.
What he stood for and fought for in the Senate.
His love of our country.
His wisdom.
He was born in North Carolina and lived in West Virginia!

Wonder who will be our next Senator Robert Byrd....

Friday, June 25, 2010

Foul Mouth Hall of Shame

Happy Friday all you Fellow Downsizers!

Often while I am listing and researching my "downsizing gems" I bump into something that is very exciting or disgusting and it happened again.   

 Don't these pathetic people with online foulmouths  ever remember that words online NEVER go away!!They are there if you are being considered for a new job! They are there if you end  up running for a political office. They are there if  you apply to enter a college. They are there for your kids and grandkids and other people who respect, admire and love you to see forever! They are there for kids to think if these neat people  do that is "cool" to do that. If  you doubt that,  just scan the feedback under these videos! These words and actions are there even after you die.

Look,  I don't know what John Wayne did in private but he didn't need these words that are used today to get people to enjoy a movie.

I think today's foulmouths are just too lazy or too stupid to dig appropriate fitting words out of their brains to use to express their emotions.

So here is my idea:
I am making an Online/Movie/TV Foul Mouth Hall of Shame on my blog to point out these loosers.
Everyone who reads this Hall of Shame and cares about the youth influenced by these foulmouths consider saying a prayer for each of  these foulmouths to stop using these words online, on tv and in movies. Say a prayer that their lives change for the better so that they don't feel so out of control and that they can use their words and  their talents to achieve for what they value in life and pass that on!    

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time to Think and "Feel" Your Surroundings

Yep downsizing is consuming ...pulling you all the time...but remember to live while you are doing it and take your time to listen to God and let your soul truly enjoy every one of your moments in life!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Baltimore's Black Bag Brigade

At any of our family get togethers in Baltimore you might have heard "Has anyone seen my bag?" And someone would always  say "What does it look like?". And always everyone's answer was "BLACK"! I bet I could count on one hand the number of purses that have passed through our doors that weren't black. I tried. I truly tried to step out of the Old Bags' Black Bag Brigade when
a couple of weeks ago the cutest little dog Browser decided to chew my purse to pieces  during a Bible meeting. He chewed the straps right off ! Now it being a Walmart classic $12.00 Rollback it would have cost more to buy the duct tape than a new one. So I went in thinking to replace it and there were none to be found. I had been looking weeks. But everytime I picked up a cream one, or a red one or a gold one or a white one an inner voice said NOOOOOOO something might happen! You will be cursed! And it won't go with all  your clothes so with that I would shudder and put it back.

Well for those of you who are familiar with this Tampa area, you already know the HSN shopping outlet and the Bealls Outlet stores are all around here. Both filled with purses and purses. And last week I meandered into Bealls Outlet in Sun City Center the best place ever to shop, especially on Mondays when you get extra off for being a senior and stepped closer and closer into the aisles of purses! I found a beautifully made Kathy Van Zeeland purse with more compartments than my husband's fishing boxes! Snazzy! Ahh the cell phone will fit there. A ha! It comes in gold, copper and of  course you guessed it black! I picked up the gold because I love gold jewelry and thought I am gonna do it ..I AM gonn a do it...get the gold...get the gold ..and here it is!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Dad!
Thanks for teaching me to cry at space launches. Thanks for teaching me to hug. Thanks for teaching me to keep in touch with people who don't seem to want it but need it. Thanks for teaching me to stay in touch with God. Thanks for teaching me you can overcome tough stuff!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Are there any heroes or good guys left in America? There go my oil spill heroes!

But wait! I found one in the above article! Len Bahr!  A Baltimoreian at that! Cool! Growing up in the same years there I did but never knew him! Check out his blog

So I have decided that Baltimore connects to most of the heroes of today like the "six links to Kevin Bacon" trivia game! Not necessarily born there but heroes who were there at some time in their lives.
So I am starting here on my downsizer blog a section called Heroes ..six or less links to Baltimore! So Len becomes #3 on the list of past and present people who enlighten and help others beyond the ordinary, do their best and make us proud! These are people who learned from their mistakes, corrected their mistakes and moved on into a better part of their lives or  are just heroes who have stayed heroes!

So if you are one or know one put that in the comments!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Want to know how hot it is and you are too lazy to walk to the nearest thermometer? Check this out!

I am such a sucker for silly little so cool items like this one! It is SOOO hard to downsize these cuties! Now you wouldn't have to worry about someone getting two of these at Christmas!

If you want to bid on this item click here:

Who pitched a no hitter against the Baltimore Orioles in his second major league start and who also was Tampa Bay Rays first pitcher in their first game?

Wilson Alvarez! The no hitter was in Baltimore's old Memorial Stadium on August 11, 1991 and the first Tampa Bay Rays game was on March 31, 1998.

If interested in buying these two cards click here:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wash your mouth out James M. Kilts! Shame on you!

Well this downsizing just took me down a road not expected. I always thought of Gillette as nice American as you can get.. but while searching for the history of this razor blades Ebay listing I opened a commentary on razor blades by the above foul mouthed name with more nasty words than most  uncool teenage facebookers use in a month. WHYYYYY is that necessary! Checking him out on his accomplishments he seems impressive so why was it necessary for this type of writing???? What you put in writing online doesn't go away. Why do our kids have to read this stuff and think this  is a part of being successful. We owe the next generations our best. ..not lies...not foo foo stuff... but we do owe them our best sides!

If you are interested in buying these razor blades (He's not with Gillette now) click here:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Never Met A Pennsylvanian I Didn't Like...

While listing this postcard on Ebay I got to thinking about Pennsylvania in general. Growing up in Baltimore we knew lots of people from "up there" and still do. We have taken many day trips up to southern PA which are always full of fun,  beautiful sights and good food! And then it hit me... how much I admire, like and respect every single Pensylvanian I have ever known! They are kind to others, have strength of character and follow through on their life goals and their word. One of our wonderful son-in-laws is from PA. He and his family have added so much to our family's events and memories.
I do know this ...our family's first people over here from Europe settled there in PA in a little town called Columbia. People in a church there had to sponsor the newcomers in order for them to come over from Europe. We walked in that church and saw from the outside the first houses my grandfather had  lived in while young. Cool! You stand there and look and they hadn't been there I wouldn't be here!
From my teaching days I know lots of people settled in PA because it was similar in looks to where they came from in Europe. My grandfather's parents had come from Baveria and Bavern.  I have always wondered if that has to do with a connection I feel when riding through the PA roads up there..some kind of genetic connection in me from my ancestors' surroundings. That is weird but I always feel it when I go up there!
Getting back to the postcard I have to say I never heard of  or saw this movable dome auditorium before this postcard. I don't know if it is still there. I do know from the back of the postcard it cost 22 Million dollars, weighs more than than 3,653 pounds and could be rolled back in less than 2 1/2 minutes.

Click here if you would like to see the Ebay listing for this card:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bye Bye Baseball Boys!!!

These past two weeks I have been emptying out a storage unit full of "stuff" I was determined to organize my sportscards! Arghhhh what a job but step one is done! All my cards are now boxed by type of sports! Thousands of them!!! Baseball, Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Car Racing, Batman, and more.

Then I ventured into my area of baseball cards and arranged them alphabetically by players' last names. Now I am beginning my downsizing...bye boys! I am  finding them new owners online who will look at them and enjoy their accomplishments and maybe chase their own dreams!

Chasing the Dream ... Hank Aaron!

Hank Aaron  ... Chasing the Dream
Who according to Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia said "baseball was not about breaking records, but simply playing to the best of one's potential..."

He's one of my five top Mr. Baseball guys who sum up the connection between the game of baseball and life! Check out what all he has accomplished:

This is a hologram card. I had no clue when I started listing sportscards what a hologram card was. Do you know what one is? The card does not look exactly like this scan on the front. Well it gets kinda complicated to put in a few words...but hey I found the online place that tells you all and more than all you ever wanted to know about holograms. Cool stuff here!

If you are interested in buying this card click here:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Downsized My Downsizer Blog

Ahh...feels good to get "stuff" off my  blog! It was exciting to try new things but it crowded my mind so out went stuff like Twitter that I clicked to check out my site and found obscene followers. When they raise the quality of Twitters MAYBE that site will make sense and MAYBE I'll rejoin. Until then I have better things to do like downsizing thousands of pics and sportscards which I love!