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People, Pics, Words and Experiences worth remembering and passing on.
Tuesday, September 30, 2014


One of the magnificent Eighties Ladies who had actually moved up to the Ninety Ladies in recent years! A joy to know! She enjoyed everything about life!

She didn't cook to live... she lived to cook and make others happy with each meal. Came from the MidWest originally.

Vivid stories of her growing up days. Listening to her tell about how rough it was out there during the Depression Days. Sometimes growing up with only bread or potatoes for a meal but making it!

Loved her man "Bones". Wrote to him EVERY day he was away in WWII. No email back then. No knowing where he was or if he got her letters. But she kept on writing until he returned.

Loved her son Ron. She and Bones alternated days writing to Ron every day he was away in the Viet Nam War. She loved Judy, Ron's wife and their sons and their children. She was so appreciative of sharing family times with them.

She lightened every get-together we had at our houses, her house, Lois's house and church events.

She was "old school" in her outlook on the "man's role" in a marriage and a "woman's role" in a marriage.

She was very wise and softly honest if you asked for her input in dealing with your life's hard times.

She was fun to go with on trips. Loved new experiences and made laughter a part of each day of each trip. She was the recorder of all events on our trips and put them into little journals I still have in our family room.

She was a strong Christian and was very active in keeping her little Episcopal church alive through the hard years that came in the later years.

She loved cooking and so she and JW were two halves of a whole! She cooked and he ate. And they both were from the same area... of Missouri and Illinois so they loved the same type of foods! And they shared a lot of the same outlook on life from being from the same area.

She knew no strangers. She instantly made everyone glad they came to what ever was going on.

She was one of JW's geriatric pool gang who helped open our pool and close it at Labor day time!

She was the corn husker for our Sunday get to-gethers. She was the "sweetie" maker and brought delightful treats.

As time moved on and she could no longer make it on her own in her house, she moved to GA to be near her family about the same time we made our big changes and moved to Florida. We would phone each other in the beginning. And then as mental memory parts started slipping we communicated by mail. And as happens to many ...we just shared life in our minds and looking back at old pictures.

But it was always nice to know Ms Jenny was still here on earth. It felt good to know HER GOOD was still here. But this past week that changed. She moved on to the other side...back to her Bones...and her Ron.

We will miss you Ms Jenny ...but we have pictures and memories of times in our lives that were so good because you were a part of them.

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A Beauty

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mother's Day Beauty!
2013 Lisa and Roger


People, Pics, Words and Experiences worth remembering and passing on.

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I like this postcard because it takes me back in memories to my first car a 52 Chevy. Automatic. Mine wasn't this huge and that was good for me. Our first family car. Used it to go back and forth to Towson State Teachers College.

Check this card out on ebay:

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Hair of My Life

People, Pics, Words and Experiences worth remembering and passing on.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Pretty hair. High Maintenance hair. Long hair. Feminine hair.
"The Eternal Question"
Evelyn Nesbit
Charles Dana Gibson 1905

Beautiful hair.
Functional hair.
Artificial hair.

I remember when Baltimore rowhouses did not have showers. They had little bathtubs with claw feet. Which meant you washed your hair in the kitchen sink. Glad that changed and houses were then built with showers where you could wash your hair.

Glad when they invented hair dryers, blowers and curlers! And all kinds of hair lotions, shampoos and sprays.

I remember the first Toni stinky home perms that were done in your kitchen by a friend. So exciting and in the price range of the mainstream back then! Glad when we changed to styles where you could get artistic people to do your hair for special occasions and weekly maintenance with just a walk in or appointment at a nearby beauty salon.

I remember the long beautiful wigs that actually looked real that we could buy and wear to work and look nice when you didn't have time to do that days hair from scratch. And then also became important in the after chemo days for many.

I remember how happy it was to move to an air conditioned house where your just done hair for the day in humid Baltimore didn't flop the minute you walked out the door!

I remember my mother constantly changing hair places looking for the person to do her hair exactly the way she wanted her what we called back then "bubble hair style". At her death I think she had gone way over 30 beauty salons. We would kid her and ask what she would do when she had gone to all of them in the Catonsville and Arbutus areas. She said she would start over with them!

I remembe the huge hairstyles I STILL love on my daughters in their old pictures. If you forget what those styles were, find Murder She Wrote on Netflix and you can see them in each episode. I hope they come back into fashion!

Glad for Laura Johnson who can take a scary Sandy sight and return me to feeling good about the upcoming week with her artistic hair designs that many ask where I get it done?

P.S.: BBT writers: I do not like Penny's new hair style. It makes her face look too round. :)

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John Denver's Annie

  Wednesday, September 24, 2014


What ever happened to John Denver's Annie?


Lots of my happy memories....love memories....life memories.... from the past turn into music floating in my brain from past times...

John Denver ....right up there in a top spot...


And I remembered a lot of my rides to and from the school where I taught (40 miles away for quite a few years) were filled with the songs on the radio at that time...and in my head even right now I can hear him singing "You fill up my ...."....I liked him best in his years with glasses...we saw him during those times up in DC....great concert!


And then just now I feel so sad that he and Annie didn't make it through their growing in marriage years...so I thought tonight I would google :

What ever happened to John Denver's Annie?

And here is what I found:



Wow...loved her thoughts on how things went in their lives and her feelings about John.


She tells her favorite song he sang.. Here is hers... I don't remember this one but WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



What is your favorite?


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Run, Atalanta, Run! Louvre, Paris (Image: T. Brack)

By Theadora Brack
Jet setting to Paris? Cuckoo for running? Well then, why not just go with the flow, pack the shoes, and compete in one of the city’s grande classiques?
Here’s the squeal: Racing in France is thrilling. The excitement is palpable, even before the gun sounds. Every race is different and half the fun is getting into the groove of the course du jour. Plus, I can’t think of a finer way to hobnob with Paris’s past and present, than by charging cheek by jowl with the compression-clad, while dashing past the bright sights of the city. Gushing all Proustian: It does the trick every time.
As Papa Hem once preached: “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus, you remember them as they actually are.”
That goes double for traveling by foot. In fact, I am training for a few upcoming races. So tighten your laces. Here are a few of my favorite races in France. Bygone it, Atalanta—Ready! Set! Bolt!

Franklin County Florida Stop 16 on our US tour of all its counties continues!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Buckle Up! Stop 16 Coming In for a landing! Franklin County Florida!

Stop 16: Franklin County Florida
County Seat: Apalachicola
Formed from Gadsden and Washington Counties.

***This county is on the panhandle part of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico.

*** Industries important here are commercial timber and fishing.

*** Creeping up in importance with those just mentioned are tourism and retirement due to several rivers and state parks and islands.

*** Native Americans inhabited here for 12,000 years!

*** It was named for Benjamin Franklin.

*** During WWII areas of this county were used for jungle training by the military and the coast was used for amphibious training.

*** This county includes part of Tate's Hell State Forest.

*** The word Appalachicola comes from the tribe with that name which includes in the word's meaning "people" and "on the other side of the river".

*** In 1827 the county seat was called West Point. In 1831 it received its current name.

*** Tim McGraw's song Southern Voice mentions Appalachicola.

*** During the Civil War Western Florida was occupied by Union Forces.

*** More than 90% of Florida's oysters are harvested from Appalachicola Bay.

*** A major industry in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was the sponge trade by the Greek immigrants.

*** Dr. John Gorrie has a monument here in his memory. He was the inventor of artificial ice. "mikeleach" an Ebay seller has this postcard seen above for sale in his memory on Ebay. Check it out:





Working on my Postcard Traveler blog I came across this postcard. SWOOSH back came the memories of walking up the alley behind our rowhouse in the row of Baltimore rowhouses heading to Bob's Store for a neighbor or us!!! One neighbor gave me a penny or two pennies and another neighbor gave me a nickel to go to the store for them. So while walking to the store it was always fun to look at and smell the colorful flowers in our "green thumb" neighbors' gardens.
These I think were called hollyhocks. Love that Wikipedia! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcea which has all kinds of interesting info on them. But since then two of my Facebook friends have shown their higher level of hollyhocks info and sent pics showing these are digitalis commonly called foxgloves! And I sure agree. They are used in creating heart medicines.
What I loved about them were their vivid colors! and details within each bloom. They made me think about God who made them and how they knew what to do when they were "born" and how detailed everything was in life even down to each little bloom on a hollyhock!
So little children when your books tell you everything just happens by chance check out your neighbor's foxgloves (and hollyhocks if they have them too)!

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OK... Fellow Postcard Travelers...
Back on our internet journey to all the counties in the United States.
We are making stop 15 in Columbia County Florida.

Item image

Established in 1832.
Formed from Alachua County.
The County Seat is Lake City.

*** Founded in 1958 The Columbia Amateur Radio Society formed and still exists today.

*** Osceola National Forest can be found here.

*** The site of Lake City was a Seminole village: Alpata Telophka (Alligator Village). By 1830 a EuroAmerican town named Alligator could be found in this county. In 1859 incorporated it changed it name because the story goes that the mayor's wife refused to hang her lace curtains in her home (where she had recently moved to ) in a town named Alligator!

*** The only major battle of the Civil War fought in Florida: Battle of Olustee was fought near Lake City in February 1864.

*** Early in the 20th century Lake City was an important railroad junction.

*** By 1950 turpentine, lumber and pulpwood were a major part of this county's economy.

*** Don't miss Alligator Warrior. They say he was the most famous resident of Alligator Village. Check out the festival held every year..
*** If you are in this area in February you will get to see the annual Olustee Festival. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_City,_Florida

*** Remember Pat Summerall? the NFL TV sportscaster. 1930-2013. He attended Columbia High School.

*** The featured postcard above is 1917 Marion Street Hotel Blanche Lake City Florida and is being sold by "gold-coast" Ebay postcard seller. Check it out:


Clicked on my blog this am and the viewers numbered: 20009. Thank you all!


Not the largest in the world but one of the most famous!

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Rough week for our town that loves our sports teams!

Wouldn't it be nice if the rest of us in this country lived up to what we expect of our sports heroes??

And well we should express outrage and opinions! I just have not seen so many ENJOY verbally pointing out these failures.

Our two sports people and their families are dealing with problems that are really FAMILY  problems in many ways we ALL see in our OWN families!

I agree with Dr. Ben Carson on suggesting to  look for ways ...to help them and others like them..as well as punish them.

...If air time would only spend at least some of the time they have used to trash these people with information to show all of us who have  to deal with alcoholism...anger management...drug abuse..spousal abuse....in our OWN families ..with ways to improve our lives ..it might help make our world a better place!

So...as we have to communicate with our little ones..use these two  to explain that none of us are perfect...and talk to them about ways to not end up like they did ...and let's hope they both go on to be examples of what you do after you mess up big time ...like our #52 has done!

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c.1940 RPPC Hancock's Hotel & Grill Madison FL

Here we are postcard travelers!

Hancock Hotel & Grill 1940 Madison, Florida.

We have arrived at Stop 14 of our 3,142 stops in EVERY COUNTY IN THE UNITED STATES~

*** COUNTY SEAT: Madison (same name as county)

*** Named for the fourth President of the United States, James Madison.

***One of if not the most famous voice in our music spent part of his life here:
Ray Charles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Charles
Lots of info on this link.

*** Colin Kelly also grew up here in this county. He was one of the first army officer pilots in the Far East with the WWII B17. This Flying Fortress pilot flew bombing raids in the first days after the Pearl Harbor attack. He was one of the first American heroes who sacrificed his life to save his crew when they were shot down in combat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colin_Kelly Check out the wonderful painting of him there.

*** A native of Greenville Geno Hayes is an American football linebacker who has played for the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

*** "foundation*antiques" has this great postcard for sale on Ebay:


Another favorite postcard but this time NOT just because...

"The Puma (also called Cougar, Mountain Lion, Panther and Catamount) is still to be found in very small numbers in parts of Florida. This large cat can purr just like a house cat which is not the case in the larger felines." is stated on the back of the postcard. Colorphoto by B. Amadeus Rubel.
Doris Rose and I were sitting at a table near our glass walls having lunch here in Florida in 2009 and were watching the pond and land around it behind our house. Walking at an  unhurried but not stopping pace of walking  on the other side of the pond was a solid black one of these! Not having a camera nearby I chose to just watch it and not miss this beautiful sight looking for a camera. It was about the height/size of a black lab dog and that is what I thought it was at first. But then I realized it had cat shaped ears, a cat tail that hung down, and a very powerful muscular body and big cat type toes on its paws. Awesome! Never expecting to see one again, I was totally surprised when the same one time sighting occured the following year at about the same time of day and season! If someone told me this story I would not believe them! BUT IT REALLY HAPPENED TWICE TO ME!

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Another FAVORITE POSTCARD ... Just because!
Back of postcard: The Humane Society of the  United States
Photo by Ron Kimball