Monday, September 22, 2014

Franklin County Florida Stop 16 on our US tour of all its counties continues!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Buckle Up! Stop 16 Coming In for a landing! Franklin County Florida!

Stop 16: Franklin County Florida
County Seat: Apalachicola
Formed from Gadsden and Washington Counties.

***This county is on the panhandle part of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico.

*** Industries important here are commercial timber and fishing.

*** Creeping up in importance with those just mentioned are tourism and retirement due to several rivers and state parks and islands.

*** Native Americans inhabited here for 12,000 years!,_Florida

*** It was named for Benjamin Franklin.

*** During WWII areas of this county were used for jungle training by the military and the coast was used for amphibious training.

*** This county includes part of Tate's Hell State Forest.

*** The word Appalachicola comes from the tribe with that name which includes in the word's meaning "people" and "on the other side of the river".

*** In 1827 the county seat was called West Point. In 1831 it received its current name.

*** Tim McGraw's song Southern Voice mentions Appalachicola.

*** During the Civil War Western Florida was occupied by Union Forces.

*** More than 90% of Florida's oysters are harvested from Appalachicola Bay.

*** A major industry in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was the sponge trade by the Greek immigrants.

*** Dr. John Gorrie has a monument here in his memory. He was the inventor of artificial ice. "mikeleach" an Ebay seller has this postcard seen above for sale in his memory on Ebay. Check it out:

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