Wednesday, September 24, 2014

John Denver's Annie

  Wednesday, September 24, 2014


What ever happened to John Denver's Annie?


Lots of my happy memories.... from the past turn into music floating in my brain from past times...

John Denver ....right up there in a top spot...


And I remembered a lot of my rides to and from the school where I taught (40 miles away for quite a few years) were filled with the songs on the radio at that time...and in my head even right now I can hear him singing "You fill up my ...."....I liked him best in his years with glasses...we saw him during those times up in DC....great concert!


And then just now I feel so sad that he and Annie didn't make it through their growing in marriage I thought tonight I would google :

What ever happened to John Denver's Annie?

And here is what I found:


Wow...loved her thoughts on how things went in their lives and her feelings about John.


She tells her favorite song he sang.. Here is hers... I don't remember this one but WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What is your favorite?


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