Tuesday, September 30, 2014


People, Pics, Words and Experiences worth remembering and passing on.
Tuesday, September 30, 2014


One of the magnificent Eighties Ladies who had actually moved up to the Ninety Ladies in recent years! A joy to know! She enjoyed everything about life!

She didn't cook to live... she lived to cook and make others happy with each meal. Came from the MidWest originally.

Vivid stories of her growing up days. Listening to her tell about how rough it was out there during the Depression Days. Sometimes growing up with only bread or potatoes for a meal but making it!

Loved her man "Bones". Wrote to him EVERY day he was away in WWII. No email back then. No knowing where he was or if he got her letters. But she kept on writing until he returned.

Loved her son Ron. She and Bones alternated days writing to Ron every day he was away in the Viet Nam War. She loved Judy, Ron's wife and their sons and their children. She was so appreciative of sharing family times with them.

She lightened every get-together we had at our houses, her house, Lois's house and church events.

She was "old school" in her outlook on the "man's role" in a marriage and a "woman's role" in a marriage.

She was very wise and softly honest if you asked for her input in dealing with your life's hard times.

She was fun to go with on trips. Loved new experiences and made laughter a part of each day of each trip. She was the recorder of all events on our trips and put them into little journals I still have in our family room.

She was a strong Christian and was very active in keeping her little Episcopal church alive through the hard years that came in the later years.

She loved cooking and so she and JW were two halves of a whole! She cooked and he ate. And they both were from the same area... of Missouri and Illinois so they loved the same type of foods! And they shared a lot of the same outlook on life from being from the same area.

She knew no strangers. She instantly made everyone glad they came to what ever was going on.

She was one of JW's geriatric pool gang who helped open our pool and close it at Labor day time!

She was the corn husker for our Sunday get to-gethers. She was the "sweetie" maker and brought delightful treats.

As time moved on and she could no longer make it on her own in her house, she moved to GA to be near her family about the same time we made our big changes and moved to Florida. We would phone each other in the beginning. And then as mental memory parts started slipping we communicated by mail. And as happens to many ...we just shared life in our minds and looking back at old pictures.

But it was always nice to know Ms Jenny was still here on earth. It felt good to know HER GOOD was still here. But this past week that changed. She moved on to the other side...back to her Bones...and her Ron.

We will miss you Ms Jenny ...but we have pictures and memories of times in our lives that were so good because you were a part of them.

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