Friday, November 30, 2012

Did You Leave Your Heart There?

Theadora Brack Scents & Paris

Reading this article by Theadora Brack took me back to the time of beautiful scents that drifted our way as we walked past people in downtown stores in Baltimore, sat near them in church pews or riding somewhere in our cars,  and also when we sprayed ours on as we readied ourselves for each new day....looking at our trays of various shapes, brands and colors and picking the one we thought would fit our upcoming day!

And it made me realize how much I miss this part of my Baltimore past! Today too often we fear offending others with our choices! Too bad I say! Let's take back ownership of our scents' domains and "let er spray!"

One of Theadora's reader comments mentioned the types of scents in today's stores being so different from those long ago. So true.

Hmmm. I don't even remember if they still make my ol fav: Samsura...think I'll Google it right now.

Don't miss this posting by Theadora Brack:

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Little Miss NoName & Her Friend

Again, little Miss NoName with no location or time. This time she has a friend. No clues in the background behind them. But oh so cute and oh how I wish this pic of 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches was labeled. Don't forget to label yours! So calm and relaxed and peaceful! 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fan of Silver Jewelry?

Little Baby No Name

Remember, label your pics in a way that will stand the time, weather and be understood by someone who didn't know the person in the pic. cute!

Little Ms No Name

Soooo cute! Just says 1 year on back. Please please label your paper and digital pics.


This year...
 I have handled the crooked politicians not working together to get our democracy working.
I handled the 2 million political advertisements telling us why to not vote for the other guy but not telling us why to vote for their guy!
I have handled our state not getting their votes counted til 4 days after the election.
I have handled my sadness for little people loosing their respect for their bicycling racer heroes.
I have handled my sadness of feeling sad for military leaders falling for their hottie biographers who knew exactly what they were doing.
But today's news ...I can't handle!!! Hostess going out of business...shutting down our supplies of Twinkies...Ho Hos...and Ding Dongs! Not selling to someone in China! Just shutting down! Call out the National Guard! Be prepared to handle all us caffeine/chocolate lovers going into withdrawal!!!. What's next to fall...Pepsi???? Moon Pies????

Senior Citizen Dumpster Diving

While reading my post of yesterday : Theadora Brack's Paris Tips: Porte de Vanves Flea Market where she mentioned Paris's "notorious rag and bone men" it really made my heart laugh remembering back to the 1970's in Spotsy Va where my friend and I would take her son with us and check out Montgomery Ward's dumpsters weekly  after their garden section would do their weekly dumping of things that were too old to sell but could be nurtured by us back to health. I remember one time we even held her little son by his feet so he could save the beautiful bush in the bottom we could not reach. Ha! Ha! Those goodies lasted the length of the time we owned our house and might still be there!
But this week my husband brought home the news from the MacDonalds senior coffee group that matches our Monkey Wards dumpster diving of these savy senior citizens  dumpster dives into the dumpster of a store after the Sunday newspapers get dumped every week. Then they bring them to the Senior Citizens coffee meetings and deal out the coupons to those who can use them. As our stocks crash every little bit helps...right downsizers?????

Friday, November 16, 2012

Theadora Brack's Paris and Flea Markets

If you are a flea market junkie like me don't miss this:
even if you aren't in Paris. It will make  you buy a ticket to Paris and go for it! Theadora Brack's  photos (see above) and pics are awesome! And her readers' comments are quite enjoyable as are her responses!

Biltmore NC Clipper ship Spencer Ind Thor's Hammer Alcatraz