Saturday, November 17, 2012


This year...
 I have handled the crooked politicians not working together to get our democracy working.
I handled the 2 million political advertisements telling us why to not vote for the other guy but not telling us why to vote for their guy!
I have handled our state not getting their votes counted til 4 days after the election.
I have handled my sadness for little people loosing their respect for their bicycling racer heroes.
I have handled my sadness of feeling sad for military leaders falling for their hottie biographers who knew exactly what they were doing.
But today's news ...I can't handle!!! Hostess going out of business...shutting down our supplies of Twinkies...Ho Hos...and Ding Dongs! Not selling to someone in China! Just shutting down! Call out the National Guard! Be prepared to handle all us caffeine/chocolate lovers going into withdrawal!!!. What's next to fall...Pepsi???? Moon Pies????

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