Saturday, November 17, 2012

Senior Citizen Dumpster Diving

While reading my post of yesterday : Theadora Brack's Paris Tips: Porte de Vanves Flea Market where she mentioned Paris's "notorious rag and bone men" it really made my heart laugh remembering back to the 1970's in Spotsy Va where my friend and I would take her son with us and check out Montgomery Ward's dumpsters weekly  after their garden section would do their weekly dumping of things that were too old to sell but could be nurtured by us back to health. I remember one time we even held her little son by his feet so he could save the beautiful bush in the bottom we could not reach. Ha! Ha! Those goodies lasted the length of the time we owned our house and might still be there!
But this week my husband brought home the news from the MacDonalds senior coffee group that matches our Monkey Wards dumpster diving of these savy senior citizens  dumpster dives into the dumpster of a store after the Sunday newspapers get dumped every week. Then they bring them to the Senior Citizens coffee meetings and deal out the coupons to those who can use them. As our stocks crash every little bit helps...right downsizers?????

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