Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hair of My Life

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Thursday, September 25, 2014


Pretty hair. High Maintenance hair. Long hair. Feminine hair.
"The Eternal Question"
Evelyn Nesbit
Charles Dana Gibson 1905

Beautiful hair.
Functional hair.
Artificial hair.

I remember when Baltimore rowhouses did not have showers. They had little bathtubs with claw feet. Which meant you washed your hair in the kitchen sink. Glad that changed and houses were then built with showers where you could wash your hair.

Glad when they invented hair dryers, blowers and curlers! And all kinds of hair lotions, shampoos and sprays.

I remember the first Toni stinky home perms that were done in your kitchen by a friend. So exciting and in the price range of the mainstream back then! Glad when we changed to styles where you could get artistic people to do your hair for special occasions and weekly maintenance with just a walk in or appointment at a nearby beauty salon.

I remember the long beautiful wigs that actually looked real that we could buy and wear to work and look nice when you didn't have time to do that days hair from scratch. And then also became important in the after chemo days for many.

I remember how happy it was to move to an air conditioned house where your just done hair for the day in humid Baltimore didn't flop the minute you walked out the door!

I remember my mother constantly changing hair places looking for the person to do her hair exactly the way she wanted her what we called back then "bubble hair style". At her death I think she had gone way over 30 beauty salons. We would kid her and ask what she would do when she had gone to all of them in the Catonsville and Arbutus areas. She said she would start over with them!

I remembe the huge hairstyles I STILL love on my daughters in their old pictures. If you forget what those styles were, find Murder She Wrote on Netflix and you can see them in each episode. I hope they come back into fashion!

Glad for Laura Johnson who can take a scary Sandy sight and return me to feeling good about the upcoming week with her artistic hair designs that many ask where I get it done?

P.S.: BBT writers: I do not like Penny's new hair style. It makes her face look too round. :)

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