Saturday, September 13, 2014


Rough week for our town that loves our sports teams!

Wouldn't it be nice if the rest of us in this country lived up to what we expect of our sports heroes??

And well we should express outrage and opinions! I just have not seen so many ENJOY verbally pointing out these failures.

Our two sports people and their families are dealing with problems that are really FAMILY  problems in many ways we ALL see in our OWN families!

I agree with Dr. Ben Carson on suggesting to  look for ways help them and others like well as punish them.

...If air time would only spend at least some of the time they have used to trash these people with information to show all of us who have  to deal with alcoholism...anger management...drug abuse..spousal our OWN families ..with ways to improve our lives might help make our world a better place! we have to communicate with our little ones..use these two  to explain that none of us are perfect...and talk to them about ways to not end up like they did ...and let's hope they both go on to be examples of what you do after you mess up big time our #52 has done!

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