Saturday, October 8, 2011

Apple Is Not God

Has my teacher feeble brain remembered this incorrectly????  WAAAyyyy back when computers first came into the in the back of the rooms...way before computer labs...
APPLE was giving computers to the schools for free!!! Yahoo! So wonderful!!!!..but wait a minute...didn't the schools have to buy the software for these wonderful free computers???? AND THEN when the newer Apples came out am I remembering it correctly that the old software that the schools had bought wouldn't work on the newer Apples? AND then didn't all the schools who had been given  the older Apples have to then buy newer Apples computers  to work with the newer Apple software to save money????Nice move for a business but to do it to our kids and schools..makes me even today feel sad for them. Even now 40 some years later I have felt that was deceiving. Because of this I have never bought an Apple product til last month. And only out of Iphone. Doesn't impress me..

But please next generation...don't mix the company Apple  with God. Don't trust them. Don't put "stuff" as your idols or it will come back to bite you on your butt.

Yes, I admired Steve Jobs very much! What he made of his life coming from adoption that makes it even harder for some. I loved his strength in dealing with his cancer. I loved his commitment in his dreams and beliefs.

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