Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Little Dog #48

This little dog is so cute! I got him when looking for a dog for my daughter and I  came across a lot of over 50 of them on Ebay. It was so exciting when they arrived so many different shapes, breeds, sizes , materials they were made of. The one I wanted alas had broken on its way to me..but since I got them years ago they have individually headed out in all directions. The lister of the lot disappeared from the Ebay scene but before he stopped listing he emailed me that the person he was listing them for had a grandmother in California near the water. She had a restaurant and he remembered seeing them there in the restaurant when he was a kid. And that is all I can tell  you. But I can tell you each time one of them gallops off into another location I feel like one of my kids has left home!
This dog is made of a hard sorta rough finish. Smaller than a quarter! The brown painted on spots have flecked off somewhat from age and handling through the years. Check out the pic showing the base..looks like pan printed on it..probably Japan..
Check it out here:

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