Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thanks for the Hospitality!

So appropriate to list this vintage postcard today!. We had a delightful visit with cousins visiting from the far Miami end of Florida heading to the other end...Pensacola on Monday. So much fun catching up on we all are doing now and showing them our now location. While here we were sharing our knowledges of our iPhones and enjoying everything we learned from each other. One they taught me was how to send a voice message email from their iphone via email to our iphone. When they got home they sent it and I got it on my iphone but also on my aol email on my big computer via itunes/memo. So cool. And it got me thinking while working here this am how far we have come in WHAT we use to send our thoughts..  how FAST we have become in sending these thoughts too! BUT....the thoughts??? they  are the still the same!

Click here to check out the postcard:

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