Saturday, June 18, 2011

Israel and a Jesus Family Tree

This softcover book and I connected in an interesting fashion. I had seen a great Jesus Family Tree owned by one of our Bible Study group. I tracked it down to this company Doko Media Ltd. I ordered it and was so excited when I thought it arrived safely. But the nicely packaged family tree had been bent how I do not know...and the bend broke the package and wrinkled the chart. I sent an email to tell them and explained it was the mail system and just wanted them to know. They without any arm twisting told me they would send me a replacement free  of charge. It arrived and was this interesting book by mistake. I emailed them again and they told me to keep this book and they would correct their mistake and send me the Jesus Family Tree. I thought suurrreee they will but they did. Here is the website: where I got mine. But I am selling it because it should be with someone who has traveled there and will be able to enjoy it more.
So check here if you want to check this book out:

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