Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Miami Beach and Maryland Card Clubs

Loving Florida the scene in this postcard appealed to me immediately! Beautiful shot postcard travelers! Ethel sent this to Lisa telling her in February of 1980 that she was having a nice time and would be meeting Catherine and Goldie next week. But her big question to Lisa: Did she win high prize at card club? I had forgotten all about Maryland card clubs till I read this! Wonder if she won? Wonder how much? In 1980 I was teaching in Virginia, commuting 50 miles each way and enjoying every minute of my very busy life. But I do remember when I was a kid tucked in between grownup aunts and other relatives heading towards card club events in the autos back in the 50s in the evenings. I remember the smells of moth balls coming towards me from their wonderful fur coats. I remember arriving to welcoming people and lots of laughter and good food and the opportunity to play with cousins! Baltimore cold is like no where else and snuggling in between those fur coats going home felt great! As do the memories brought back from the words  of this post card!

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