Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shawn Lantz, Jealousy, and the Congo

Yep,  I have decided to blog books that have impacted my thoughts, words, actions and life.
Don't miss this author's works!
Shawn Lantz. Author. She is on Facebook. Has a blog on Blogspot. And a website.
The first book I read that she wrote was her Bible Study Workbook on Overcoming Jealousy.

Then I had the opportunity to read her book Congo Vignettes is stories of God's Faithfulness to Three Generations in the Heart of Africa. I could not put it down! Made you feel like you were there with them. Real stories! Not just what people want to think happens to missionaries.
Especially with all going on in Africa right now..don't miss this one. You can get it on Amazon or at her website directed from her blogspot above.
Now back to the Bible Study. We were a  new Bible Study Group of 3  that had only been together for months and decided to do hers. We were in it for over a year...not rushing through discussions, readings and thinking about her thoughts. We are not the same after reading it and we are looking forward to her next in the series on Forgiveness. They are field testing it in Nashville now and hope to get it out on the market this fall.
The cover of the study book does not due justice to the depth of this study. The honesty of the author's thoughts and words is one of the reasons these two books are soooo good!

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