Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wonder if Ernie Berryhill DID marry someone else before Mitzie saw him again!

Okay Lazyboy Travelers...we are heading west again. Beautiful sights I haven't seen in person yet. LaJolla and Rockbound coast, Palm Springs Mission Capistrano, Sea World, San Diego, Los Angeles, Malibu Beach, Santa Barbara and Solvang.
Magnificent Southern California Paradise of the Golden State. Beautiful pictures. Each panel is about 3 7/8 inches by about 6 inches. Used. Not new. Mitzie sent this to Ernie in Memphis Tenn.. Date on postmark is blurred. Told Ernie she was thinking of him and she guessed by the time he gets the card he will be married to someone else. Hmmm. Wonder if he was!7 panels of pics on both sides.
Click here to check out this postcard folder:

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