Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ricky Rudd or the Pepsi Guy???

We had a ball through our snowbirding years hitting the interesting,  unusual and unexpected flea markets, yard sales and antique booths between Florida and Maryland. One of our son-in-laws was an avid Ricky Rudd fan and we found a lot of neat stuff outside of the big cities flea markets and antique stores for his favorite guy and for my favorite guy...let's see ..hmmm ..the real cute one...the Pepsi guy back then! Hey! That's him on the back cover right above here!
This book is a great addition to the library of a collector or seller of Racing Collectibles! Of course the 2001 values aren't current BUT the book has great pics, valuable info on the items. Postcards, tickets, kits, programs, knives, boxes, cards, medallions, ornaments, posters, steins, figures, statues, clocks, helmet replicas, bean bags, bottles, porcelain cars, decanters, autographs, driver & crew uniforms, magazines and replica hoods are in this book.I bought this book as a "seconds" from an online book seller and it was and is in good shape.
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