Monday, August 22, 2011

The Eighties Ladies Sweetheart V Pins & Wanting to Puke!

About a month or two ago I was down in Sun City Center Florida at the new Fish Hut. While eating our lunches we saw a group of attractive older ladies in similar outfits and matching hats like the Lady Waves used to wear years ago eating their lunches. So I just had to get up and go over and ask them what group they were, thinking it would be one of the female military groups. But they were a group of widows whose husbands had given their lives in the line of duty. They went out to eat and kept their memories alive. I told them it was an honor to see them and they were valued. Wow....I had already had  such a love affair for that era of women..I used to call them the Eighties Ladies...but a lot of them are now Nineties Ladies.  They are still so strong emotionally, physically and spiritually...and probably were the most important Unsung Heros of those years. They picked up the needs left behind as their husbands bravely moved into the unknown dangers to preserve our democracy! How about these pins! Can you just  imagine the soft conversations when these pins changed hands. Many never seeing their sweethearts again.
And now my mind shifts to the Congessional handling of our current times this past summer and I want to puke! Let's put some of these gals in there! Bet they could get the job done!
Anyway you can check out this pin at my Ebay store:

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