Saturday, August 20, 2011

Downsizer Teachers...Are You Still Getting the Call of the Classroom???

Remember the book/movie... Call of the Wild? Remember Buck the dog? Remember when he started getting antsy..excited...agitated..pacing..feeling the call of his wild?
Well, when I was teaching in Prince William County in Virginia..about this time of the year in the middle of August.every year the silence of out in the country where we lived...SUDDENLY... you would suddenly start hearing the locust/crickets or what ever they were...right on time reminding all us teachers.with their buzzing....THE TIME WAS HERE to:
1. Check out the teacher book stores and spend your $$$ on the "stuff" to "beautify/electrify" your classroom for your incoming cherubs!
2. Check out  your classrooms and start moving the furniture and books and "stuff" guided by a psychic gps within til you got it just right.
3. Check out your student lists.
4. Gather the library "stuff" you would need for your first units in your various subjects.
5. See your ol teacher pals as they come in to the school following their teacher call of the classroom.

At this time all else dimmed in importance til you followed this call and got everything just right!
And you know what... when we are out still happens...the Call!

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