Monday, October 25, 2010

Looking for a Knife to Cut Your Moonpie?

A day of downsizing ends with this knife that is not for
 you if you are looking for a knife to fillet a tarpon or
shark...nope not this one ...but this is cool for other cutting a moonpie into tiny pie shaped stretch out the 150 calories a little longer!.
Or if you are in the Baltimore Black Bag Brigade
it will fit perfectly in your purse.This nice folding
1 blade knife came from a Maryland estate. Only
marking is USA where blade joins rest of knife.
Length of each part of the knife can be seen in
the pics with the ruler. Used. Don't have any
history or age. Came with the little box.
Notice the key chain on knife. The bone colored
plastic? has wear/skuff marks from light use.
The inside of the box has light wear.
Small and handy in my opinion.
Looking for a new owner to enjoy!
If you would like to buy it check it out here:

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