Saturday, July 10, 2010

And I Repeat I Have Never Seen An Ugly Rhinestone!


Ok Rhinestone Downsizers....better not look...this will be too hard...but I can do it...I can do it! Every time I hold one of these beauties it takes me back to its "other life"! Wouldn't it be cool if we had rerun remotes for our lives and objects we love! This BEAUTIFUL rhinestones pin brooch came from a Maryland estate. Beautifully shaped. Pronged rhinestones of different sizes nicely placed amid lovely silvertone metal backing. No markings. The metal & rhinestones as shown in the pics need cleaning and will wait for an owner who knows what they are doing. This pin brooch comes across to me as a simple classic "primitive" design. Note back...check out the back of the rhinestones and note how the metal part looks like it is not mass produced . To me the metal feels hard and the outer tips are not angled exactly like the other tips if this was a machine creation. Now these are just my observations and opinions. But this I know: this lovely pin is looking for a new owner to enjoy and take out on a night on the town! If this looks like something you would like to bid on, click here to get to it on Ebay:

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