Friday, July 16, 2010

From Spotsylvania VA to Quebec and Back in 10 Days

Now downsizing this postcard took me waaayyy back to the 1970s when we went to visit a teacher friend & her family who had moved back to Connecticut from Virginia! Our friends were living in Stafford Springs Conn at the time. We decided to explore more unknowns  a little more so they designed us a trip and we traveled up through the Green Mountains in Vermont into Canada (no passports needed then) all the way to Quebec City (absolutely beautiful and fast driving in the transCanadian Highway!) and then back south through New Hampshire White Mountains. And we did this tram up this very mountain. It was the FIRST aerial tram in North America. So much fun! So scary! They have a little cam at this site. Check it out:
Then we headed into Boston and all the historic spots around there and then on to Mystic Conn the whaling town and then ate lobsters on a picnic bench outside! SO  YUMMY! When we left Va in that August it was 98 degrees and by the time we stopped at relatives in New Derby Vt two days later it was 42 degrees and they had a fire going! But of course by the time we headed back it was Va hot again! So many good memories even though this postcard was not purchased by us. It is not used and not new but I don't know its age. We are still friends, kids are grown, some of us have whiter hair and more pounds but ahhh the memories are so good!

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