Saturday, July 17, 2010

Downsizers, Get Your Hankies Out For This One! WWll Sweetheart!

This One Peso Philippines paper money came from a Maryland estate. Overprint VICTORY on the back. F02329070. This came as quite a shock as I have had it in an envelope of WWll paper money to list for years and I had never turned it over til yesterday. On the back two candles one on each of the sides and To my sweetheart hand written on the top. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year written around the VICTORY word. Your Joe written on the lower edge. Looking for a new owner who is into WWII pieces of history. Whew! If this piece could talk what a story I am sure! No one left to give info on it. I am such a fan of the Greatest Generation but this just brings tears to my eyes and heart knowing what they went through for us! Just like the kids out there now fighting for liberty and justice for all! Click here if you are interested in bidding on it on Ebay:

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