Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ever Wonder What the Average Weight of a Kansas Coyote Is?

Actually I never did ...  until a coyote appeared in my daughter's neighborhood  in northern Virginia earlier this year. As it shows on the back of the postcard ..the average weight of the Kansas coyote is 30 pounds. I understand coyotes are making a comeback in surviving near people and that they surround other living creatures and attack in packs! Arrggghhh! Our gators down here is Floriday don't do that! And this coyote is so cute! Haven't been to Kansas yet, but met nice folks from there while in Branson Missouri years ago.According to the back of the postcard: " Limestone posts of Kansas have supported barbed wire fences throughout North Central Kansas since the 1870's. They reflect the sturdy character of the ingenious pioneers who conceived and erected them. A man-made 'Garden of Eden' in Lucas, Russell Co. Kansas is the heart of the stone post country. Pictured is a Kansas coyote (a small wolf of the western prairies whose average weight is 30 pounds)." Dunlap Post Card Co.About 3.5 inches by about 5.5 inches. Not new and not used. The usual "not new" condition exists of back of postcard with age discoloration that goes with its age. Great for post card collectors, card makers, crafters and/or scrap bookers. I am downsizing my postcard collection during the coming months and selling those I am not going to use to make my postcard notecards... individually or in lots on Ebay Auctions til they are all gone. Their ages vary. I have a lot of postcards going up for sale that I originally bought online labeled 1950's -70's. But I also have postcards in the lots that came out of family houses where the people lived for 50 and 68 years.I only list individual postcards that I would feel satisfied buying. But if they arrive and you are not satisfied, feel free to email me within 7 days of receiving them.If you are interested in bidding on this postcard click here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290456460355

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