Saturday, July 3, 2010

From his major league Indians debut on the pitcher's mound in Baltimore to Springfield Missouri City Council

None other than Scott Bailes! Way to go Scott!
Scott Bailes. Pitcher.In 1986 on April 9th he made his major league pitching debut with the Indians against the Baltimore Orioles.In 2009 on April 7th he was elected to the Springfield Missouri City Council. Lot of 3 Scott Bailes baseball cards:2 Upper Deck 1991 #190 cards1 Topps 1992 #95 card. I am downsizing and thus selling thousands of cards from my sportcards collections at yard sales and here online during the coming months. I will be selling them individually and/or in lots here until they are all gone. Their ages vary. I will be listing a lot of cards that I originally bought at auctions and yard sales from the late 70's through the early 2000s. I only list cards that I would feel satisfied buying. But if they arrive and you are not satisfied, feel free to email me within 7 days of receiving them.
Please let us know if something is wrong with the item when it arrives.If you are interested in bidding on these baseball cards click here:

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