Monday, July 26, 2010

Bye Bye Baseball Boy Scott Bankhead!

Bye Bye Baseball Boys! I am downsizing and thus selling thousands of cards from my sportcards collections here online during the coming months. I will be selling them individually and/or in lots until they are all gone. I am only listing each card or lot once on Ebay so bid if you want it!
Their ages vary. I will be listing a lot of cards that I originally bought at auctions and yard sales from the late 70's through the early 2000s.

Scott Bankhead Pitcher

Lot of 7 Baseball Cards.
1 Topps 1987 #508
1 Donruss 1989 #463
1 Fleer 1990 #505
1 Fleer 1991 #442
1 Upper Deck 1991 #294
1 Donruss 1992 #304
1 Fleer Ultra 1992 # 478
1 Upper Deck 1993 #760

What is Scott doing now?
According to the internet he started the North Carolina Baseball Academy! Greensboro, NC. Way to go Scott! Check it out!

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