Thursday, September 9, 2010

Paper Pics Downsizer Course 101 Class 3 OK So now what?

 Ok so now what? I have a picture to keep. I have written on the label and have the label on the back of the picture.

At this point you need to make a list OF EVERYONE that you will consider giving the originals paper pics to:
Children, friends, children of friends, other relatives are examples.
Use old clean shoeboxes or tubs from Walmart or somewhere you find good prices. Label each with possible people to get your pics as you decide. And put them in a location where you don't have to move them every time or you won't get the job done.

Our family is shrinking so much! It comes down to :
A box for each child and their children.
A box for each cousin and their children.
If later you need friend boxes  you can add them.
Remember these are only the "keep" pics, not the donate or sell or give away pics.

I sell online a lot and have ordered safe keeping bags for items that sell so I  use them to put each pic in also. Fetpak online has been good for me for years.

So here is my pic in its bag heading for one of my boxes that you have to make  yourself decide. Don't put off that part! That is the hardest part. A friend just emailed me and asked if I am keeping any. The answer is no. I have them all online remember. They need to move on to the next generation but not in bits and pieces. Just keep putting them in the box of your choice til the end of your pictures.
If you change your mind go ahead!!!

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