Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Couple ... What to Do with this kind of special pic???

Here is a pic I took on a trip to Skyline Drive Virginia with our friends in the 80s or 90s. I love it! So what to do with these favorite kinds of shots when downsizing. As you go through your tubs and tubs of pics you will hit pics that sound off alarms to not give away or toss like this one for me. So scan it and have it saved and make a backup. With my ACDSee software I bought their additional online storage that you can make public or keep private. Decide what the names of each of the albums you make as  you go along. Like this one pic  didn't really fit into individual family member albums or special consider having albums called My Best ....fill in the blank...Shots. For me I filled in the word "People" for this pic.
Also consider card making and make a special card for someone and use this type of pic on the front. You can also make copies and different sizes of the same pic after you scan it and put them into frames as gifts.
At any rate downsizers GET THEM OUT OF THE TUBS and use them and enjoy them or pass them on before they deteriorate! Remember the generations before us didn't have a lot of pics to pass on to us and the generation after us has so many they really are not that interested in unlabled pics from us in most cases.

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