Wednesday, September 1, 2010

After We Decide Which Pics to Keep, What Do we do with the photos we decide to keep?

Downsizer's  Downsize Course 101 Paper Pictures/Photos Class 2
After we decide which pics to keep, what do we do with the photos we decide to keep?

You know, we, the current group of downsizers,  are wedged between two age groups ..the older with few photos...mostly not labeled of who, when or where ( and sadly with no family members who can remember who is in the pics or where they are or when) and the younger age group who take so many pics on their digitals they don't even get them printed and just use them online and are not looking forward or even planning  to go through tubs and tubs of pieces of their lives on paper prints! In a lot of cases they simply do not have the time.

So what to do? After you make a decision to keep a photo it is important to label it. Nothing has made me sadder in the past 12 years than to see unlabeled pics at auctions from families who don't want them and just sell them to get rid of them. But who can blame them. Unlabeled and  untimed make them less valuable or valued!

Listen downsizers, these pics are our grand finales!!!! They ARE valuable! But get them ready if they are in your keep pile! Do not be lazy at this stage of life! I  found these labels when I first started selling antiques and fleas in stores and then online. They are nice because they are removable but sturdy enough to stay. Small enough to fit. Use a pen that won't run if it gets wet. Putting the year, the place, the name of the person at the time of the pic & your comments/reactions. Don't write on the pic in such a way it shows/comes through in the pic. That is important for future generations to be able to scan, copy and enjoy them.

So when the label is on the back of the photo what is the next step? Check back later to see what comes next in this blog of taking  back your life and time while downsizing paper pics/photos  

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