Monday, May 31, 2010

What are rhinestones made of? Have you ever seen an ugly rhinestone?

Are these actually rhinestones? Don't know. But while researching found this interesting info to answer the above questions.
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 On my  downsizing journeys over the last ten years I have listed MANY LOVELY BEAUTIFUL PIECES OF RHINESTONE JEWELRY belonging to different women. And  all of the pieces were/are beautiful! I have never seen an ugly rhinestone jewelry piece. Some stones might need cleaning or repair but to me rhinestones  are the royalty of jewelry! Who cares HOW MUCH or how many Ks of gold are in a jewelry piece! It all comes down to how it looks and how it makes the user feel using it! Look at the stones..faceted, pronged, sparkling and  making the whole piece even more beautiful than just the stone itself! Oh if only people could work together like rhinestones do!

This piece is looking for a new home. If interested check it out here:

Oh! There is ONE thing I do not like about rhinestones! It is hard to capture their full beauty on digital camera pics. My old Sony Mavica has died and I am making friends with a new Panasonic digital camera. So far not as happy as I was with my old Sony!

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