Monday, May 17, 2010

So Who Lives in the Painted Desert? up your traveling seat...we are leaving North Carolina and heading west to northern Arizona's Painted Desert!   Where do those beautiful colors come from? For this answer we go to the great scientific minds at
 Wikipedia. Check out what,_Arizona has to say. Ok got that memorized? Now on to who lives there and who owns it? Gets a little complicated here because it is in different states...but get this... a nation (The Navajo Nation)  owns a lot of it! And in that nation's area is an area owned by a smaller nation (The Hopi Nation). Would you like to live there? I would like the colors and fossils but it doesn't look it has a lot of Walmarts! Ahhh but if it has electricity I can always use Amazon!
And Wikipedia says "There is a flea market held every Friday just northeast of the Chapter House, off Peshlaki Ave. The flea market offers a variety of Navajo and Hopi arts and crafts, as well as local foods, such as mutton sandwiches, posole, and frybread"...and it has the ..."Tuba City Trading Post, a store selling Navajo hand-made crafts has a building dating from 1905. Now you are talking my language! I have added this area to my "Bucket List"!


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