Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back on a Rowhouse Baltimore Porch Reading a Comic on Memorial Day

Holding and listing this comic book took me right back to Baltimore in the "before air conditioning days" when we sat lazily on the awninged front porch in a chair with  legs hanging comfortably over the sides drifting in and out of reading. In the background: Summer sounds ...cutting grass...friendly neighbors talking across porches...Eddie the huckster coming down the back alley with his horse pulling their wagon full of fresh food for sale...Eddie would call out what he had each time....Summer smells : kitchens' delicious smells drifting out from nearby homes...So back to the comic: I loved the advertisements as much as the comics! I must have ordered a million stamps "on approval" not having a clue what "on approval" involved! This book actually was years later than MY front porch days but its magic still worked and took me back!

Checkout this listing on Ebay if interested in adding to your collection of comic books!

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