Saturday, May 15, 2010

Know what a Lisner is????

These are Lisner. 
As stated online at :
"The Lisner jewelry mark was first used in 1935, a mark of D. Lisner & Co in New York. They used their mark in block print and script and it is the mark of Lisner and Richelieu. The quality of the jewelry they made ranged from very good to above average. They made much of their jewelry in the 1950s and the quality was lacking in the lower end of their carded jewelry. They did make some well designed and above average costume jewelry. The Richelieu line of jewelry would rank with some of the best manufactures. "LISNER" in block was the mark first used in 1935. "Lisner"in script was first used in 1938, and then in 1959 the mark used most was "Lisner", in a block type letter with a L that had a long bottom base that underlined the rest of the letters. These marks may appear on jewelry made by Lisner over a period of 60 plus years and it is not possible to date a item by the mark alone. Molds and findings were kept and stamping dies were rarely disposed of and there fore they were used again and again at later dates."

Until 2002 I never noticed or appreciated the work that went into creating costume jewelry. Especially during the wars when metals were scarce. In my  opinion this company's pieces still give off the glamour and design quality that is lacking in so much jewelry today! You can feel the pride the people took in designing and creating these pieces and of those who enjoyed wearing them! They are like pieces of art to me. Starting in 2002 I found myself gradually becoming more involved in finding new homes for these quality/beautiful pieces online as their original owners downsize. Old owners feel happy and new owners love them for what they are! Renewing! Reusing! Love it!

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