Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cajuns, Oilers & Politicians

The lack of solution FROM EVERYONE to this Gulf oil spill is appalling!!! I remember sitting watching the news casters desperate and being the first to take a stand and demand action in Katrina! This is far worse than Katrina! And yet the WORLD sits and sits and watches and watches and blames and blames everyone else in silence!

My heart aches for the Cajun shrimpers/boaters who are speaking their sorrow on tv news but who have the guts and strength to get their boats out there and work on getting oil out of the water while oilers and politicians are walking "sadly" along the coast but are continuing to use oil dispersers our government told them to cease using two days ago.

You go Cajuns! I nominate you for Time Mags "men and women of the year"!

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