Friday, May 21, 2010

91 Rhinestones Snowflake Pin Brooch

Ok fellow downsizers...we move back in time to the days of beautifully pronged rhinestones put together to create this beauty! Limited metal and other materials to use and yet look at this beauty! Lots of patience I imagine was needed to make these detailed pieces. Wonder how many different types of workers were involved  in just creating this one type of item??? Designers..stone miners/craters/shippers/sellers , ...metal backing miners/molders/ company putting it together/ boxing them...sales people and shippers getting it to the stores...and ahh the buyer! I remember aunts, grandmothers, and mothers dressing up to go out and having fun at the holidays in the houses on the streets of wintry windy rowhouses of Baltimore. I remember being snuggled in the cars between  them in their "cool" fur coats with their moth ball odors and the light sparkling off these beautiful pieces of jewelry as the ladies took off their wintry fur coats ready for a holiday getogether full of good food, companionship and laughter!

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