Friday, May 6, 2011

Did You Ever Have One of These? Everbrook Made in USA???

When I found these in the Maryland estate I was so excited to see their condition! Called a Petite Pak Set by Everbrook. I loved writing with fountain pens way back when ...even if we got messy from them. Check out the pen and pencil... nice condition! If you look in the pic and see the clear piece protecting the case where you slide them in the case..that had a wear tear across that spot as shown in the pic. But other than that I don't even know if the pen was used. Ahhh takes me back in time to sitting at a wooden desk in rows. These desks had ink wells. Now THis kind of pen in this listing was high tech from those found in elementary classrooms in those gone by days! I bet the poor teachers from back then would have coronaries hearing the proposals to stop teaching cursive writing in elementary schools! I have mixed feelings about that and can't really decide how I feel.
Anyway, click here to check out this set:

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